Thursday, April 13, 2017

pending husbands arrival

they are sending the husband home tomorrow for 10 full days, which of course is before the birth of the baby, but I'll take it. You know when someone is about to arrive and you have all of the expectations in your head?  Ya know you plan little segments on how things are going to unravel .. As false as these expectations maybe we all create them. Well I have a couple for you.. here we go!

I plan on sleeping majority of Saturday.. not kidding. I plan on taking a big fat sleeping pill, putting one of those sun blocking sleeping masks and sleeping the day away.  Honestly, I doubt that happens but the dream is to sleep the whole day away and wake up just in time to head to the spa.

I plan on waking up to a clean house. Literally have been slacking on that part of my job because I'M HUGE and I don't want to move.. hence the first plane of action. So hopefully he swoops in to take care of the kid and clean the house. Well if he only 'swabs' (mops) I'll be deliriously happy.

Ok, we are all adults here.. yea? Ok. I want him to make me coffee naked. Butt naked. Oh lordy I want this as much as I want the first and next item. I found it in a meme and can't shake it.. so yea. It may not happen but I'm really hoping it does hehehe.

Following the naughty theme here, with a twist.. I wanna take a shower. I want us to take a shower together.. just so he can wash my back. I mean it's one of the most glorious feelings ever! You can't ever really wash your own back, it's a bigger weakness than a back rub, for me anyway. Plus I found these new scrubs from Bath n Body with real sand... I mean I can not wait.

My last & final wish, or expectation, is to go to the spa and get a fabulous pedicure & I need to remove the acrylic off my nails. I have been dying to go by myself for months so I have built the experience up in my head. Truth is my brother let me go while was here a couple of weeks ago, almost 2 months now, but I was so worried about them two together that it was hard to relax. SO at least with his Dad, during nap time, he'll be fine (lol).

Aside from the unrealistic expectations we are going to driving to Arizona for a couple of days. A good friends of our's Dad has melanoma cancer and isn't doing so well. So we would like to go before .. well before we can't. It will be at least July before 'I' can go back so we are going to do a quick trip. I'm prepared to have a baby in Arizona & lord knows I'm excited about the Whataburger. As long as he's not born in Whataburger - this should be a cool trip.

As far as the remaining time he's here.. I have no idea. He wants me to have a baby while he's here but I doubt that happens. Well anyway I'd love to hear some unrealistic expectations you have had about a trip or a family member coming into town. I gotta go shave four months worth of hair away before tomorrow.. haha just kidding.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

36 weeks

I can't believe we are at 36 weeks already!! I'm so anxious to have this baby!!
I was looking back through pictures today & I was just thinking to myself that I could / should  have done a couple of things a lot differently. That if I could go back to the 29th/30th week - oh the things I'd have changed.

First off. Being told that we had placenta previa and we weren't able to workout, or have sex, anything physical. They called it pelvic rest & I've been on pelvic rest up until 35 weeks. So I allowed that to stay very still. I should have been more active b/c now, towards the end of this pregnancy,  it could be harder to heal.

I should have made meals, earlier along, and froze them instead of eating out. I am an adult and I understand that this is temporary.. but I have created a picky eater (with Little man) through always eating out & that's a huge regret. I'm starting to force myself to fix dinners at the house & he is refusing to really eat anything. Gearing towards the end of this amazing journey - I gotta start putting back some of the 'normal' pieces back together for us. I know I can't put a lot of pressure on myself at this point but I'm going to try while the husband is home.

I wish I had forced myself to make a schedule. Cleaning, cooking, and in any other aspects. It's so easy to get lazy and not get anything accomplished. I'm a very organized - usually- but lately I'm really embarassed of the state of my house. I honestly don't care about what anyone thinks - because I have been asking for help and nobody has helped. With that, I feel I should have forced myself to push through and mop these floors,

I can't go back and change anything but if I ever get the honor to have another child - I want to remember these things. I want to remember that being idle really isn't ideal. I'm so thankful that the husband will be here at the end of this week .. and then next week one of my sisters arrives. I'm at the home stretch and I can't wait to share the joyous news of my 2nd son arriving into our lives. Please continue to keep us in your prayers..

Thank you!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

34 weeks

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and nothing much has changed from my last post. I'm still angry and hurt. I'm trying really hard to focus on serenity and calm this inner rage. I'm so scared that my inner rage is going to create horrible post partum issues. Considering I'll be without my husband for the first two months with two kiddo's .. saying I'm concerned is a understatement. Although I've made sure that I have help for the whole first month - Just hoping I can find someone to help out in June also. It's been really hard to just digest and swallow all the disappointment. It's been hard to not look at a friend as a fow. It's been really hard to not be bitter and jaded. While I am sharing some deep anger this whole journey hasn't all been bad. Life goes on and I'm fighting to stay positive and change the way I am seeing this so that I don't have post PP issues.

We got our 4D ultrasound last weekend. I went back to the same place where we did Little Man's 4D ultrasound too & where we had this little guy's gender reveal. A friend came with Little Man & I and the husband was able to join in via Facetime. One of the things that really shocked me .. was how similar that this little guy looks like his big brother! I thought it was a joke at first because they look so much alike! I had to go back and do a comparison of the two side by side and they are almost identical! Which means I'm a host again for another one of my husbands look alikes but since Little Man is so adorable this Little Guy is going to be adorable too! I just can't wait to hold him!

I also finished up his nursery decor completely & I'll post pictures in a couple of days.
I have his hospital items all stacked up on his dresser. I have all my hospital items ready but I'm currently wearing some of the outfits I purchased.  Like  these maternity dresses, which are technically maternity pj's, and I love them! I found them at Target and I can't rave about them enough! I also purchased these pj shirts from Victoria Secret .. they were 2 for $40 and I bought a couple sets of them & they are super comfy! I need a couple of things but for the most part I have everything that I need for the hospital bag. Knowing that I need a c-section & that I had one before - I feel more prepared in knowing what I need. The only thing I keep questioning is I keep purchasing dresses and I know they'll check my insession - so maybe I should check into ,... just kidding. I'm not changing anything.

We also found out that they are going to let my husband come home mid April for two weeks before he has to return to the ship. Meaning he'll miss the birth of his son, which he is not happy about but what do you do? I can't begin to explain how excited I am to have him home. Let me say that later in pregnancy taking a bath is scary stuff. I'm terrified of not being able to get out of the bath tub and hunky firefighters have to help my pregnant ass out.. oh hell to the no. So I think about about a bath.. then laugh and take a shower. So I cant' tell you how excited I am to take a bath when my hubby arrives home. No lie.  The day he leaves is the day my sister flies in too.. so it's all like the final stretch. We are planning on going to Arizona while he is home, I'll be 37 weeks & we will be prepared to have the baby in AZ if it comes down to it. My husband wants to go see our friends Dad who has cancer & I'm not going to say no. I have a couple of things I'd like to do and want him to do while we are physically here in SD but I think the trip to AZ will be fun(ish). I mean.. WHATABURGER.. hear me?

Ok. In a couple of days I'll hopefully get around to posting final pictures of Little Guy's room decor & I'm sure before the husband arrives I'll post again.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Speaking Hurt

Ya know I've been really avoiding posting anything because I'm so angry. I know ti's not a proper way to lead in the blogging world with an angry post but screw it. Wanna know why? Because I'm tired. I'm tired of reading posts on facebook where we are scared of what other people think of us. I don't care that you are offended.. wanna know why? Because I'm tired of walking on eggshells around people and their feelings. My feelings matter too damnit! Truth is.. at the end of the day nobody gives a damn about anyone else opinions because we only care about how we feel. Hard truth. So this is my space and I'm going to tell you how I feel... because I can.

I fought for twelve years to have a baby.. 12.. went through years and years of fertility treatments. I injected myself with medications, tooks pills, had surgeries, and I fought. I fought for the right to become a parent despite all the odds that were handed to me. So let me say that when I had little man  I put up with the comments. I put up with the disappointment of the lack of excitement of my first born that I fought for. I was very hurt over my adoptive Mom's response to my impending birth of my son. I let it consume me. I allowed a friend to call him an "alien baby" because we went through invitro to create our little miracle.  I allowed it once.. and I regret it to this day.

So now that we are having baby #2 and the lack of excitement and interest is heart breaking. Nobody asks about him, nobody offered to throw a shower in celebration, actually nobody has done anything. Over this past weekend I received my first (and only) baby gift ... I'm 32 weeks pregnant. How incredibly sad? My husband is on a deployment and the fact that not one of my friends that have shared a holiday in my home are helping me. not one. So I'm past hurt. I'm angry. Like, I don't consider those people friends in anyway. Then you add that my 'adoptive' Mom is being an incredible ass, again. How? By trying to talk every person in my adoptive family out of coming to CA to help me. Seriously. So then on top of that .. she has even tried to ruin my credibility by saying I couldn't afford the plane tickets or that I was lying.  Also I want to add that the next person who tells me what a inconvenience my impeding delivery is.. I'm going to punch. I'm tired of the "oh well if it was the weekend" or "oh if the kids weren't in school" or " if it was later in May ..". My sons birth timing isn't a problem or a inconvenience.. it's exactly when it should be. My magnitude of hurt has just unleashed this enormous amount of rage.

I can't make people be happy for my personal accomplishments but I can do something it. If you aren't happy then move on. Don't lurk around and wait to see what the baby looks like (or 'who' considering a couple of people don't think it's my husbands baby). I don't want you around. I'm just going to work on the five friends that I have here in Cali and move on. I can honestly say that I'm steps away from deleting everyone off my facebook or deleting it. I'm tired. I'm tired of trying to please everyone. I'm tired of throwing get togethers and asking people to participate in things.

I can't be the only person fed up with being afraid to say how they feel. I can't be the only person hanging on to relationships because I feel I have too. I don't regret having this baby - who was conceived by an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). I don't regret his due date or any other decision I have made. I do regret keeping the people who make me feel bad about my choices around. That's going to change. I swear by it. I also can't be the only person who fears what others might think about the 'actual' life we really live. Life is hard. We all go through challenges and rough patches. The point of having friends is to have a support system get us through those tough times. Someone to lean on and to ask for help.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

a glimpse of the finish line

Lord almighty - I never dreamed in a thousand years that this deployment would be as emotionally challenging as it has been. Granted, it really has nothing to do with being pregnant but everything to do with who I thought were my friends. It's hard going through transitions but to feel so alone - it makes it harder. It has also showed me that I'm a lot tougher then I thought I was because I've done four months by myself.

Two sisters in Texas have agreed to come to San Diego for the birth of the baby. If the baby comes on the 4th of May - I'll have them for 12 whole days before they fly home. Since I didn't feel that was long enough - I asked my husband's SIL to come from Texas for the remainder of May. So in June I'll have both kids all on my own and have had apx 27 days to heal from my c-section. I'm worried it's not enough time to heal after a c-section .. not enough to be able to lift 'little man' by that time frame. BUT oh well. I've begged everyone that I can... so I gotta make it work.

While I'm making some big plans after 'little one' is born - I still have some things to complete before he's born. I'm renting a dumpster in March to dejunk our home like I have talked about almost this whole pregnancy. I have bought shelfs, and reorganized certain rooms but it's not enough. I gotta clean out more. I really, REALLY, need to go through my clothes and donate some things - my closet and drawers are busting at the seams.  My brother will be here for a work thing for a couple of weeks, which will allow me to really get some of this done. I don't rely on people but having someone else in the house means I can get some stuff done without having to worry about 'little man' so much. By that I mean he's not here for fun, he's here for work, so I'm not renting a dumpster because he'll be here.

I had different plans for this deployment, pregnant or not, but that's not what I got. I'm OK with that - I just gotta move forward and make the best of the time I have left. The babies room is done, little man is in swim classes,  I have a handful of things left to purchase for the baby, the house is getting more and more organized, and I'm proud of what I've accomplished. A long distant friend called me a 'badass' the other day & I realized that 'that' was the first complement I have received in a long time. That little complement re-lightened a fire in me. So that was really cool & I'm thankful because I really needed the encouragement.

I'm also sure that I'm checking into a day spa a couple of weekends after the husband returns because I deserve some time off and pampering. but seriously I won't be able to stay away from my kids long enough to really enjoy that... haha. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

oh baby.

The nursery is complete! I did a transportation theme & I love it.

I bought the bed off of Amazon - which happened to be the exact same bed that Little Man has. We bought Little Man's on base and found it cheaper on Amazon.
I found this bed set & mobile on through a link on pinterest. Once I found this link and the bedding - it all just came together after that.  

I found these decals through a etsy shop called: YendoPrint!  These decals were super inexpensive, fun to put together and fast to arrive. I bought extension packets to add more trees, roads and airplanes/helicopters. I also was able to get Little Man's name done with the extension packet (which was $10!) Which is a good thing considering we changed Little One's name. I just wish they had some boat options.

found these adorable custom curtains on Etsy from Fresh Canopy I love them. I love that they are black out curtains and I love that they pull the theme together. Considering Little Man also had custom Dr Suess curtains - this was a no brainer and were less then $100!

The dresser was also bought off of Amazon after finding the same one at a cheaper price. Plus the delivery was a huge bonus. I also was able to find a 'truck' Scentsy warmer for Little One's dresser. (Little Man has a Dr Suess Scentsy warmer).

I was able to find a glider, with foot rest, in a cherry finish and tan cloth on Facebook's 'marketplace' for $40! That was a steal! I was able to really clean it up with a "magic eraser".
I also found a tulla on zulily for $60 & the infant insert on amazon for $25! Little Man had so many clothes to pass down to his little brother that we really didn't have to purchase many things. Of course I went a little overboard with 'Big Brother/Little Brother' outfits.

With reusing blankets, burb cloths, clothing, infant car seat, toys and baby gear - we have saved a lot! So splurging on what we do need hasn't been a real big issue. I bought crib sheets - Dr Suess for Little Man and car sheets for Little One - at Target. I still need to purchase a double stroller - which I'm debating on two Graco strollers and will purchasing off of Amazon. One of the smartest things we did with Little Man was start purchasing diapers after our first ultrasound. Since they lasted us through the first 8 months of Little Man's life.. we repeated this for Little One. We have managed to purchase Pamper diapers from size 1-3 (4-6 boxes in each size). I have purchased two small 'bags' of Pamper newborn diapers and one size 4 box. We have also been able to find the box of handi wipes (6 in a box) which has come in very handy!  So aside from the stroller I will still need to purchase another motion detection monitor from Motorola. I also need to purchase a couple more bottles because I melted all the Avent bottle tops a while ago. So the only way to get the 'natural' bottle ring and nipples are to purchase new bottles. That part sucks because I saved all the bottles from Little Man. 

The baby prepping has been super easy. I have had so much more fun planning this nursery simply because we has so much left over. I can say that number 2 was been a breeze! I am anxiously awaiting this little one's arrival!! The closer we get the more excited we get! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ironing plans

So I finally found someone to come out to San Diego - actually two people. They fly out late April - yay! I also went to my OB for the first third trimester check up, I know I was shocked too. After a really long talk my OB & I decided that we are going to schedule a c-section & the date that was picked was May 4th. I'm so excited. I'm hoping and praying this baby can make it through April & kind of hoping that the baby becomes before May 4th.

Now that everything seems to be coming together I can start to relax and focus on the last stretch. We are still debating on a name but I'm pretty sure I've picked the one I want. Since we had decided on Michael early.. I have a lot of things to change - like a stocking and his name on the wall in his room. I still haven't gotten a double stroller and I would like to get a couple more crib sheets. Otherwise I am ready.

I am a little disappointed though. I'm disappointed that people that I thought were do or die don't seem to be friends at all. It's so strange that when my husband is here everyone hangs around but now that I actually need people nobody is really around.  It's really hard to think I've opened my home during all the holiday and birthday parties. We've considered all these people extended family & now I can't get a one of them to help when I need it the most. It has caused a huge rift on my behalf but I know that my husband won't share the same views. So it's something I'll have to learn to get over (even though I won't). I am pretty sure that a lot is about to change due to this.

Having a baby should be one of the happiest moments in a person's life. Esp after the fact that we thought we'd never be able to have children and to know that "I" am so alone - it's pretty sad. I wish my husband was going to be here for the birth of our child but I do understand. I don't understand why our friends aren't helping but I do understand why my husband can't be here. I just pray that my heart softens and I can find a way to let this anger and hurt go. I am praying that God is making more room for some new friends to enter our lives and I really pray that my husband will open his ears and really listen to what I'm saying. I think we need a better group of people to help us grow.

79 days to go until our baby boy arrives!! Super excited and super thankful that other people have stepped up to help Little Man & I while we have our little guy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I hate tax returns

Yes, you read that correctly - I hate tax returns. They make me bitter. I don't get a refund working from home and I really miss the tax return portion of a job. While I don't miss the 9-5 dance of working - the tax refund is all that I really miss.
So we filed, we talked about how it would be spent and of course once it hits the account the husband decides what's done with the refund. Like I said I'm bitter. I think the issue is that the husband and I have very different idea's of how to spend the refund. I see it as a chance to get some big home 'to do's' done, buy a couple of wants and to save the rest. My husband always puts it towards a credit card, or two, to pay off. No fun. No fun at all. I have wanted to replace our carpets since we have moved in and he always says "next refund.. next refund" and then the next refund comes around and it goes to a credit card or a car loan or whatever. {insert eye roll}
So our big argument via facetime was that this is supposed to be my return. I was going to spend it the way I wanted. Somehow being the person in charge of the bills, isn't in charge at all. He swooped in and spend the refund before I even noticed it hit our account. I had plans for it and it's gone. I'm livid. He also checks in on how I paid bills, how I spend the money and then wants me to 'itemize' each transaction.. augh!
NOW in his defense.. we received a settlement a couple months back and I used the settlement to purchase the nursery decor. So the money that was meant to be mine out of the refund was technically spent out of the settlement. My goal out of the refund was to purchase a double stroller, and to replace our carpets. I guess I shouldn't argue considering the nursery has been completed for a couple of months now but damn man.. I hate his ninja moves.
Also my husband has a panic attack to have a credit card balance of any kind. Any kind. So where I pay a CC off as it comes {I don't just pay minimum balances either} he wants a $0.000 across the board.. and just has a melt down otherwise. I don't like having credit card debit either.. really.. I have been working hard to pay them off. So while we, ahem - I, have a habit of paying off a card and then using it again .. I decided that this go around we are paying a cc off and then closing it! If I spend $150 a month on a payment.. that's $150 I have in the bank if it's closed. So our arguement included that I had no self control and that we didn't need to close the account.. but we do. Oh we do. I'm tired of this song and dance and I want my carpets replaced. SO if I close them and we have that money in our pockets... then he can't bitch and spend the refund to pay off the credit card that will be closed.
{Of course he'll just apply it to having a car note or something crazy stupid like that... did I mention I was bitter??}
My last relationship we lived paycheck to paycheck.. never had a cc to fall back on (thank god) and never had a savings. Our refunds were our free play money because we didn't have any through the remaining year. Those things never bothered me, ok that's a fat lie, but having kids made me really want to work towards a savings. Even though he doesn't recognize me annoyance and my effort to keep the plastic at a minimum it's there... I swear.
I'm going to hang up some clothes and get over the fact that I can't have my new carpet I was desperately wanting and get over the fact that my husband's responsible with bills and credit cards.

ok rant over...what are your compromises and complaints with your refund splurges?

Monday, January 30, 2017

It's been a month.

I haven't written since New Year's Eve because my husband fell and broke his hand while snowboarding. He ended up coming back home for two weeks. He just left last week & little man and I are getting used to him being gone again. The utero baby is growing big and strong and is 26 weeks now. We had another anatomy scan today and he is such a cutie pie. He totally has his Dad's nose.. like hands down has his nose. We have decided to change his name and we are picking out a couple contenders.

Right now I feel so alone. Being pregnant and being in this position is really scary. I don't want to cause an onset of postpartum & I am so sad on how things are. When I found out I was pregnant I started asking my Texas family to come out and help me when the baby is born (in May). It's now going into Feb and it has been decided that nobody from Texas is coming. I'm so broken hearted and angry. When I had little man my Mom and I ended up in a huge fight which caused me to not talk to any of the Texas siblings *or my Mom* for a long time. We made it through the whole third trimester and six weeks into his life before I spoke to my Mom. So here we are going into the 3rd trimester with baby #2 and I'm afraid it's going to end the same way. My husbands family all but fought over coming out here. I ended up choosing someone from my husbands family as my first choice.

I must say that I thought by them missing the birth of my first kid they would all jump at the chance to be apart of my second. So now I'm scrambling to lock down people and back ups. I think I have locked down local people to help in case I go into labor before my person arrives. I have a person and two back ups to fly down to help. I just now need to figure out who, if anyone, is going to be at the hospital with me when I have this baby. Right now it looks like I'll be having this baby by myself.

I knew this year was going to be a year of growth. I just thought it would be with a new baby but now I want to shake up the friend tree and start adding new branches. It's come to the conclusion that I haven't made the wisest choices in that area. I also need to figure out which, if any, are going to stay on the family branches. I'm so incredibly hurt and so incredibly over this lack of concern. I can't believe I have had to beg certain members of my family to be here with me during the birth of my second child. Not just once but for a solid four months. People always say "you gotta over look it because it's your family" but I don't agree. I just don't agree.

One of these days I'm going to post great stuff.. non dramatic stuff. Right now I have the right be hurt and angry. I have a right to feel alone and agitated. I'm just hurt.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day 3

Happy New Year's Eve!
I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while but things got super busy towards the holiday.
Our Christmas went great! The husband came in and we had a great little short week together.

Monday we took little man to this awesome place called "Funbelievable". We go on Monday's because they have a "hero day" and we get in for $5. I love that now he can have a memory with Dad being present because he loves this place.

They have this huge ball pit that I want to copy in our backyard because he loves it so much. They also have these plastic ball pits that you can sit in - which I copied at home already.
Anyway we had a lot of tun and I'm glad that Dad came with us and they both had a ton of fun together. It was also nice to sit back and watch him run around instead of chasing him everywhere.

After we left "Funbelieveable" we came home and put the nursery furniture together. I love how the room just came together and though it's still a work in progress, it feels more like a nursery now.
 All of the decals are on the wall now, and the curtains are almost ready. I bought the wrong size so I had to send those back for a bigger size. The room is as complete as it's going to get. I share a picture in a different post about the nursery.

On Tuesday we got to see the baby during the 20 week anatomy scan. I was super excited that my husband got to see the baby, It's his second ultrasound .. the first was at 9 weeks.. so this was a huge deal for me that he was there.

The baby is happy & healthy. He is growing exactly the way he should be and it was confirmed that he is in fact a BOY. Which was a great thing considering his room & all that have already been purchased. I think I'd cry my eyes out if I had to redo it all for a girl.

Wednesday we stayed home and just enjoyed having each other home. I finally started baking some cookies for the holiday but it's hard to get motivated when you are so tired dall the time. I didn't really care about the sweets this year.

Thursday we met a friend for lunch at Dave n Busters and then we met another group of friends for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a fun packed day for sure!!

Friday we got family pictures done. We haven't really had any family photo's done since little man was born so we were very overdue. A friend of mine is a photographer and we usually get our pictures done through her since she does such an amazing job. I also got some maternity pictures done since I didn't have any done with thomas & I'm far enough along to really show now. This picture is my favorite of all of them. What a cute little family we are huh? lol

I started a Turkey brine on Friday, Saturday we prepped for the remainder of Christmas day and Christmas Day we had some friends over to celebrate with that included a huge dinner. I was exhausted but I was thankful to be surrounded by friends who have become family.

On the 26th we got up and went about an hour away to a mountain that was covered in snow!!! Yes snow!!! That close to us too!!! We had a blast, I had a blast, I have missed the cold and the snow and I was like a kid in a candy store! We just had the most incredible time.

I haven't been around snow since 2009 and it was an easy way to show my husband how much I miss the colder weather. Plus it was also nice to get an idea of what my husband lives with in Maine. He said before they left it was -2 with a windshield -17. That's insanely cold.

After the snow we went around to have lunch and ended up at our outlet/casino area. We got a fancy pizza, that wasn't that good, and our friends had mexican food. We headed home after that.

Tuesday my husband got me a 1 1/2 hour prenatal massage - which I dearly needed. Then after that we had a friend come watch little man so that we could go on a date. The same friend gave us a dinner gift card and movie tickets. So we went to go see "Passanger" which was really good. It was bitter sweet but I thought it was funny that the last movie I saw in theater also had Chris Pratt in it. After our movie date we ended up back home to start laundry so we could start packing him for his plane ride the next day.

Wednesday we took my husband to the airport and he left.  So now we start our count down all over again, and this time I thought we'd start with the days going up since it's more OPSEC approved. Oh and before I forget.. I didn't tell you what I got for my main Christmas present.. ready??

We got another puppy!!! I drove past a guy who was selling puppies & they happen to be Pomeranian pups. Well he's a pom/min american husky mix. The guy had tried to sell them for weeks and decided to try over by our flea market.. he only wanted $100 so I grabbed the only male they had left. I named him Jackson "Jack Jack" and he is prefect. He has really just fit right in and has helped calm Bella down SO very much! She needed a play mate to get all that energy out I guess because she is like a different dog now.

He is now 11 weeks old, almost 12 weeks. I got him at 9 weeks.

Best Christmas present ever! 
(aside from the husband coming home) 
(Jackson up front and Bella back behind).

Alright i'm all caught up on events for the week of Christmas. Today is New Years Eve and I have a huge post for resolution(ish) things... so I hope to get that posted either later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a very safe New Years! May 2017 fill you & yours will many blessings, health and prosperity.