Monday, June 24, 2013

Lat n Long of the heart!

Thanks everyone for being so patient. As you can see the blog is still under construction - but we are moving along as fast as we can! 

I wanted to explain the name 'Lat n Long' of the heart. I wanted to pick " destination" of the heart - Mr. P was telling me that 'Lat n Long' is a navigational term that ties in with his job as a OS. (Operational Specialist). Since the two mean the same thing I picked 'Lat n Long' to showcase my hubby's job in the Navy and it still represented the direction I wanted the blog to go too. 
I'm so excited that my blog has it's own domain name too!

Since our lives are taking a new direction - I thought that this would be the right way to go. 
Between getting healthy and working out
Going through our treatments and tests to have a baby
Opening our house to our bestfriends who are being stationed here from Hawaii
I needed a name change!!

So welcome to 'Lat n Long' of the heart!!!
The blog also has it's own facebook page: 
I'd love for you to come by and tell me 'HI'! Let me know that you've 'liked' the page so I can return the favor! Please remember to follow me over at bloglovin' we only have a couple more days before google drops it's reader. 

Thanks everyone! 


  1. I like the new name and congrats on the new domain! :)
    That's exciting.

    1. Thank you! i am loving it all and it will look awesome once we finish putting it all together. I'm so thrilled over the domain.. Mr P really surprised me with it!! Thank you! <3, Mrs. P