Friday, July 12, 2013

Bad News:

Yesterday my bestfriend was showing his parents the Hawaiian island when he fell. We got the text that he was in the ER and later saw his sister's facebook post: 
"Everyone please pray for my brother who just possibly broke his patella, dislocated, and strained/pulled/ripped his ligaments and tendons in his knee while hunting with my dad in Hawaii". Mr. P got a phone called from him asking if this would affect his orders and how this would affect his Navy career. We are really praying that this is will be fixed and that he will still receive his orders. We are also praying that his wife can handle him with his injury and the two small kids. Wish I could fly out to Hawaii & help. 

I also got news that my 'maid of honor' went to the Dr a couple of months ago to find out she has "Cervical Cancer"! WHAT!! She had a 'chunk' of her cervix removed and they did a scraping of the pre-cancer cells. They told her she would have to come back in a month to make sure it hasn't spread and it's all gone. The next step if it hasn't is to remove her whole cervix! This women has been through so much already, I just wish I could take her pain away. She not only served our country but received severe damage to her knee and shoulder while serving in Iraq. A hummer was hit and the shrapnel from the explosion entered her knee and shoulder - causing multiple surgery's. All she has wanted to go be healthy and have a baby of her own.. and now that is looking slim. 

Please take a moment and lift my friends in prayer. I also encourage everyone to take a moment and be thankful for your healthy & don't take it for granted. 

I will be going to the Dr today to get more info on where I stand with my own stuff. I'm excited to meet my new Dr and get this ball rolling. I'm also really praying that they set up a surgery date - since I am starting to have discomfort suddenly. This all seems surreal at the moment. I'm praying my girl gets healthy & that her surgery worked. I'm also praying that my best friend will heal quickly without complications & it won't hinder his Navy career. 

My heart is so heavy today.