Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just another Thursday


Nothing going on here in SD.. just another drizzly kinda day. I'm already behind on my blog posts for this week and next week I have three kiddo's so I may not be on here as much... 

Tomorrow I get to order my Kindle Fire HD from Amazon and I'm so excited! I'm going with the 32GB and I'm just so excited! I have also found a Texas A&M case cover - which is SO cool!! I can't wait to push the 'order' button for these awesome new toys!! I also found a 49ers Ipad Mini case for Mr. P, which he will just love!  Do you have Kindle? What things do you do with yours? What is your favorite app? What are some recommendations you can give me???? 

Since my working out is on hold I'm going cray cray! Seriously... this is so lame. I found these awesome pair of Nike's that I wanted to buy for running and well I can't. I have them picked out from Nike's website & had them customized - like the bestie did. When I went to re-add them to my cart for tomorrows purchase spree - Nike announced that the item is no longer available! WHAT!!! I want to cry!! So now my search must start all over and I'm probably not getting them customized. Boo.
What running shoes do you use? If you are a beginner runner what would you recommend to start out with??? These will only be used for running 

That's Ok.. since I have no idea at this point when I'll be able to return to the gym - it's for the best. If you are asking why I'm not at the gym here is why: a good friend of mine (who is a RN) told me that working out puts stress on my benign tumor. Since it is still growing and causing me a ton of discomfort I should not work out and aggravate it. I can twist or move the wrong way causing this little guy to burst.. which could lead to bleeding internally or an emergency surgery. She went on to tell me that it would be the worst instant pain of my life, not to mention case an immediate trip to the ER.  Since she told me this in front of Mr. P - all my workout plans have been denied. Double Boo!!

Tomorrow I have my first RE (fertility) appointment on base at 3pm. I'll get the results back from my blood panel (two weeks ago) and I'll get to schedule my D&C to remove this benign tumor. I'm seriously praying it's within the next two weeks because I'm in a lot of pain. Plus I want to return to the gym.. hopefully tomorrow they can tell me what to do from here as far as my workouts and surgery. Fingers crossed it's all good news. The benign tumor is putting a lot of pressure on my lower stomach now, everything I do causes a dull pressure / pain. Not to mention that my stomach has gotten larger (on one side) making me look preggo and my clothes to fit weird. It's also starting to interfere with my sex life - considering I feel so much pressure when we tango.. so that's been 86'd until they fix me too. 

This is the last weekend with my brother in town. Kinda sad. We just got back to talking after 7 months & now he's leaving again. It has been nice to have him around. I love the fact that him & Mr. P are such good friends - this makes it so much easier. I also have enjoyed someone here who helps out and shows the other boys how to help out. I'm going to miss the extra help & the constant back up . I have no idea what we are doing considering I'm trying to take it easy before next week. I have no idea how I'm going to handle three active kiddo's when I can barely mop the floor - but hopefully all my 'playdates' will keep their promises and I'll have backup. 

I'm nervous about all the changes about to happen - since I don't like change. From surgery, to all our roomies moving out, to getting back into a routine.. everything we currently know is about to change. It's scary but as I look ahead I'm so excited. I can't wait for my best friend and his family to be back here in SD! I'm even more excited to be sharing a house with them for a awhile - it's just a couple months away. Plus we are will purchasing a new vehicle, going on a road trip to Texas & Arkansas, and we both have birthday's coming up.. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday & I will update you on the Dr's appointment as soon as I can. Will be a late post but I'll update you.... Thanks everyone for all your support and advice! 

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