Sunday, July 21, 2013

lazy weekend.


hoping everyone had a great weekend. It is an overcast weekend here in San Diego and I'm loving it! After a constant three weeks of 'go go go' ~ the hubby & I are enjoying lounging around our silent house. Yesterday we stayed in bed or on the couch ALL day. I think we took a total of three naps.. not kidding!

I had my best friends nieces and nephew all last week, and I'm exhausted.  We had a ton of fun which included swimming at the hotel pool and a drive in movie to watch Despicable Me 2. The kiddo's are 3, 8, and 12 - needless to say by Thursday I was so exhausted that I almost cried when their Mom said she wasn't going to 'school' on Friday. My hat goes off to all your Mommy's.. I have no idea where ya'll muster all that energy from. :)

Friday morning I was a good day. I got up and got to enjoy a pot of coffee & get some chores done. I also got a phone call from the Dr's office to schedule Mr P's sperm analysis (Aug 1st)!! They way this is working out is that by Aug 13th, the day I have my SIS scheduled, we will have all our information in. Our blood work will be completed, the analysis results will be in & we will get a full view of my uterus and tubes! Our plan of action from there will give us the best road map yet and I'm so excited!!

Tomorrow morning I am planning on starting to workout again.. and again I'm excited. I'm so ready to regain my energy & get back into a routine. I miss my early morning routines. Lately I've just been getting up whenever & just floating around the house. No energy to do anything. Plus it's that time of year when our house is SO HOT that you sweat just sitting up.. adding to more laziness.

Now that the bestie is home from her awesome 'adult' vacation, I am anxious to skype with her. I also have three Dr's appointments this week; including a dental appointment. I should also be getting our awesome 'item' for the "Messy Project" this week too!! Only two more week until I get to show off this awesome 'item'!!!! I am very excited on the awesome 'item' Kelly picked out & to be apart of the Messy Project!! I hope this encourages other people to sign up with her & be apart of this too!! I'm sure I'll be requesting to do this again, if she'll let me. :D

Ok I need to stop procrastinating and put this laundry up... ugh. I don't mind doing laundry but I hate putting the clothes away ~ weird huh??

Have a great Sunday & hoping everyone has a awesome Monday!


  1. I'll be up super early with J and make sure I get my tanning / gym out of the way by noon my time sugar. Then we can skype. Lots to clean tomorrow so I'll be sure to charge my iPad for mobility. LOL!

    1. Love it!! Thanks for the chat.. we've missed each other. :D

  2. I loved the overcast weekend we had in San Diego. The husband and I also used it as an excuse to do nothing and be as lazy as we could! I'm glad that the time is approaching where you are going to start getting some answers! Can't wait for you to get a plan so you can get that family you've always wanted! Good luck with all your appointments! =]

    1. Yes! Wasn't it awesome!! We did too - a little bit of yard work Sunday morning but otherwise we lounged in bed and took a ton of naps! Thank you.. and thank you!

      <3, Mrs. P