Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Super star.

Good mid morning.

I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee - trying to talk myself out of reheating the leftover lasagna - before heading to my Dr's appointment. Not alot to really talk about today but two things happened this week that I'd like to share - both are kinda big to me.

Before I jump on my stuff - OMG I'm so excited we got to see the Royal Baby on TV!! How freakin' cool is that?! I mean we will get to watch this little guy grow up & to me it was so cool that the public was included as much as we were!! I'm also so thrilled that they followed the late Princess Diana's footsteps with the birthing in a hospital and the intro on the steps of the hospital! I would also like to say that I am thrilled that I was wrong in my guess of gender.. so thrilled it's a boy!!! Can't wait to find out what his ridiculously long name will be!!!

1. I started running! Seriously. The hubby & I got up and headed to the gym and ended up running around base.... ok well he was more or less dragging me..   I downloading these awesome apps called "MapMyRun" and "MapMyFitness" .. Love them! {Feel free to follow me; my screen name is AmyP846!} Monday it didn't record due to a husband error but today I tracked my 2.05 mile jog. I say jog instead of run because I think a turtle passed me while on the track.. just sayin'. The important things are ~ I got up at 4:30am and went to 'jog' around the base with my husband, completing 2.05 miles!!!

Now nobody ever explained to me how much running actually hurts. I. AM. SORE. My 'jog' on Monday was so pathetic - but I am so proud of myself for going again and completed the 2.05 miles. (hehe) After both jogs we did a half mile cool down walk and then I did 1 mile on the elliptical while the hubby showered n stuff. Ok Ok Ok you get it.. I'm so proud of myself & excited that I've gotten this far. My hubby was proud that I only walked one lap and 2/3rds of another lap during the whole (here it comes again) 2.05 mile jog!!

2. The RE's office called to follow up on the blood work I had done on the 12th. Basically the nurse stated that my blood work came back perfect. Both her & the DR were so surprised because we all expected something to be flagged.  As of right now no medications for ovulation, or anything else, will be prescribed because my body is doing what it's supposed to do. *high five!* I have honestly been so speechless over all of this! I really waited to share this just in case they called me back to tell me the files got mixed up or something. I mean my PCOS is gone, my ovulation issues are gone.. my LH surge is awesome (4.9) and my FSH is good (5.1)  just - WOW!!

The hubby has his 'swimmer' test on the 1st of August & I have my SIS on the 13th of August.. after which time we will be able to narrow down our direction or path. As long as the hubby checks out - which he will... it sounds like it will just take more time, but possible. I'm on the pill until August 14th & they have already given me prenatals to take (which I'll start taking during my ovulation week). Starting to get really excited and allow myself to believe that we are really really close to having a baby!!

Well I've got to head to my appointment. As sore as I am, I'm so excited that things are working out right now! I'm so excited that I have two positive things to share with everyone this week.. hope everyone else is having a great week too!!


  1. Running is a kick ass workout, I love it and my body feels it every time. Good for you!!!

  2. So glad to hear so many positives! You deserve it! =]

  3. It is so close for you, I can feel it!