Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday already!?

This am I am sitting at a hotel waiting on The kiddos to wake up. This week has gone by so fast!! More on that later though.

Tuesday I had an appointment with my PCM ( primary care doctor) to talk about my fertility (RE) appointment last Friday. I was surprised that he was so up to date on my charts and in the loop with all the other Drs.. He told me that he was on a phone call agreeing that surgery wasn't a good option - right now. He explained that people always think surgery is the answer until its done - then it becomes a huge regret. He also said that by doing the surgery "could" create scar tissue in the uterus; leading to much worse issues and that is why it was declined. I also got the green light to start working out again - and that made everything better.

I started taking the birth control pills and my SIS appointment is August 13th. According to my PCM the saline will clean out my tubes and allow the RE to see both my tubes and uterus much clearer then the HSG. Of course Mr P's words of wisdom helped too - I DO tend to fight with my Drs plans of action. I DO get upset and complain that it's wrong and I DO need to trust that they have my best interest at heart. I don't feel that the RE is blowing smoke up my skirt and I was shocked that he changed all the plans we already had in place. I am not saying that i am 100% happy about all of this but I will say that I am swallowing my hesitations and trusting this will go good.

I weighed in at the RE's and the PCM's office and was so upset to see that I have gained ALL my weight back! Omg I was really ticked off that I am back to square one - but maybe that's good thing. I am going to try really hard to share all my fertility frustration with the gym. Mr. P and I have already made plans for the gym Monday and I am super excited. So if you are following me through my weight loss then check the " working out" tab at the top Monday to follow me.  I will be posting
monthly measurements, weekly weigh ins and possibly monthly progress pictures. I have already posted my monthly goal for July and since I wasn't able to workout - it will be carried over into August.

I really appreciate the support from everyone. This is so hard for me and I fight daily with the choices that I make for my future family. I am in a constant battle with my body to do what it was designed to do. I have come SO far comparing the past 8 years to now. The fact at my body ovulated, the fact that PCOS has been removed from diagnosis and the fact that my levels are where they should be - is amazing!! I am going to be honest and say that I am really giving myself another couple of years for this dream to happen. I can't keep doing this to myself and to my family - the stress is so overwhelming at times. Although I know I'm not alone at times I feel that I am.

My best friend had knee surgery yesterday and I am happy to say there was less damage then they thought!! The surgeon removed a chunk of his patella and no ligament damage was found. Hopefully this leads to a quick recovery and we find out in 15 days if he gets to keep his San Diego orders - fingers crossed!!

Ok it's almost 9am and I gotta wake these kiddos up if we are going to make it to the free breakfast. I will write more later

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