Wednesday, August 28, 2013

birthday's and iphones


Today is my besties birthday. I'd like for all of you to take a moment, click this link ->bestie & wish her a happy birthday on her birthday post.... PLEASE. She's been going through so much lately; it would be nice to give her a simple smile throughout the day. BUT I can't wait to hear about her reaction on the birthday present that I sent to her!!! :} So Please take a moment and tell her Happy (10th) 21st birthday!!!

Ok. So while talking with the hubby yesterday about the upcoming iphone release. Now, we've made an agreement that I get the next update since he got the new 4s AND 5, leaving me with the hand me down. So I've proudly claimed the new release for myself mmwahahahahaha!
We looked at some of the specs and comments about the release in September and heard some shocking things about this new updated iphone.

1. the screen is said to be much bigger closely matching the Galaxy in size.
2. they are releasing the iphone in more colors!
and of course there will be fixes to other things with the phones process and it should be faster. 
They also said that they are talking about releasing both the 5s and 6 at the same time! I also read in a article that they are thinking about just skipping the 5s all together.. then I read that in Sept 2013 the 5s will be released and then in 2014 the 6 will come out. hmmm.

I don't know that we can trust any of the speculation at this point ... but I can say that if the 6 is that close to be released I'll wait and pre-order it in Jan. I mean look how awesome the colored iphones look! (You can pay $100 at an apple store and get the front and back in colors already) I can say that they chances of me getting a colored phone is slim; i like the look of the black iphone.

I'd like to hear what your thoughts are & what you've heard so far on the new iphones. I can say that I'm excited about the new charger from the 5 and that has kept me from upgrading all together.. but I'd love to hear your thoughts....

I gotta go start laundry for my weekend trip to Tuscon, AZ.. and we rescheduled our post op appointment for September 3rd, if you are keeping up with that stuff.. Have a great day and stop by and tell the Bestie Happy Birthday please!!!!!!


  1. It's about time they make the phones colorful! I just got a 5 so It'll be awhile before I get an upgrade but so exciting for you!

    1. You can go to the apple store & pay $100 per side and get them colored. I think they have a couple colors other than white and black you can choose from. I think I am going to wait on the iphone 6 now ~ thank you.

  2. Thank you for the post opening!!! I love love love the flowers by the way you sneaky little demon you!!

    1. you are very welcome & I am so glad that you liked the flowers I sent. Wanted to make sure you got a big smile & felt amazing on your birthday. <3, your bestie