Wednesday, August 14, 2013

blessed beyond words..

As I posted the other day with my post, Scared senseless, my anxiety of today's visit was sky high. I'm here to share that the anxiety and stress was completely in vain. This is my attempt to recreate such an amazing and emotional day in our household & share what the future holds for us.

My husband took off work today to attend the appointment with me. I slept until 8:30 am, which is sleeping in for me, to find that he had already brewed a pot of my favorite Starbucks coffee "Kait Kait". He brought me a cup in bed and provided my kindle fire hd so that I could catch up on all the facebook posts I'd missed overnight - (morning ritual). The flood of phone calls & skype conversations lasted the majority of the morning; creating a anxiety just talking about it so much. I was able to take a shower and get dressed in record timing though. We left the house a little after noon and the base parking was it's normal insane scene. My husband dropped me off in front of the OB office where I needed to go to take a pregnancy test. Of course the test came back negative, since I've had a months worth of birth control pills in my system.

*Side note: I explained upon arrival that I had a appointment with the fertility clinic in 35 minutes; but I needed the yellow paper to take up with me; the lady told me that it would take 5 minutes to get my test results for the pee test.  30 minutes later I went back up to the receptionist to find that the 'yellow' slip was at her desk the WHOLE time ~ thus creating us being late to the fertility clinic appointment. Man I was upset!!

The fertility clinic slightly scolded us for being late and we waited another 20 minutes to be squeezed in. We were escorted to a room with a ultrasound machine and told to strip waist down. The hubby joined me in the room & we waited some more. The intern came in to explain the procedure (in grave detail) and asked if we had questions. A few moments later the Dr appeared and re-explained all the details of the procedure, and adding that this would be a first for the intern to see a patient with a ovarian polyp. (glad to be the study guide). I instantly felt at ease with this Dr, he was patient & he was very detailed. He went over each step explaining why and what he was doing. He positioned Mr. P so that he had great view of the ultrasound screen & began describing everything! It was awesome! I got such a great view of my uterus, my ovaries, my tubes... all of it! He did a 3D screening & even did a triple angle view of the polyp.. that was so cool!! (it looked like a dangling balloon)

The polyp has grown 4mm since my last visit (a couple of weeks ago) and they were able to see that it was growing East to West. Meaning it is attached to right wall of my uterus and growing to the left uterus wall. He showed me my uterus first; stating that I had a pristine uterus minus the polyp - saying it was more than healthy to carry babies. He then went to the right ovary and was able to count out 8 fully healthy follicles. When I asked about it being a polycystic ovary; he looked at me like I had a third eye saying "no this is exactly what you want to see!" Then the left showed that we had another 7 follicles in that one! He smiled and said "other than this polyp I see nothing indicating that you can't achieve a healthy pregnancy, actually I see that you aren't getting pregnant because of the polyp". The procedure was completed we were asked to meet in his office to go over all the results & our plan of action. The moment they all walked out of our room I bursted in tears and I saw my husband wiping his eyes as well. We exchanged big  huge smiles and joined hands & entered the Dr's office.

The Dr set behind his desk and said "so we do surgerys on Wednesday's and because of pre-op stuff you can't be seen until the 21st." My heart sunk for a moment & then started racing when I understood what he was saying! "We will be doing a full out patient anesthetic surgery next Wednesday - make sure to complete your pre-op appointment this week. After viewing all your results from blood work, semen analysis & today's sonogram ~ I find that once this polyp is removed you'll be able to achieve a pregnancy." Mr P & I shared wide grinning glances at each other. "Furthermore", he said "I almost expect you to be back in six weeks with a positive pregnancy test. We are going through the vaginal entrance so you'll be able to go back to daily routines by Friday. No cutting, scars or weeks of recovery. This should be a quick snip through the vaginal canal." That's when I started crying with happy, overjoyed tears.

So we set up our pre-op appointment for this Thursday & made my out patient surgery appointment for next Wednesday!! As I sit here with mild cramping ~ I have to say that this day couldn't have ended better. Not only did I hear for the first time in 7 years that I can achieve a pregnancy but that we are so close!! I got my wish of having this polyp surgically removed & within the next week I'll be completely healthy. It's surreal to put these emotions into words.. it's an highly emotional moment in my life. One I will look back to & share with my child.. the day I was told I could have a baby. The moment a Dr told me that my body over the last 7 years has healed itself to such an extreme that nothing I was diagnosed with is relevant. That only a 16mm polyp was keeping me from having a baby grow within me, it's moving.

I have another week with little Eddie (the polyp) & a week to welcome TOM (time of month) after. I have a week to continue with my birth control bills before throwing them away & starting my prenatals. Within the next three weeks my body will become ready & able to try for a baby. The Dr put it best when he said "it takes three things to make a baby: a healthy uterus, great eggs & baby batter (sperm); now go have fun!"

I want to say that through this amazing journey & discovery I've encountered so many women who have held my hand. I thank everyone for continuing these heartbreaking years with me; and helping me not lose faith. Although I'm not waving a flag of victory yet; I feel as if I have won the war. Knowing my body is healthy & obstruction free is the most amazing victory after feeling broken for so many years. I truly hope & pray that within the next three months we are able to announce the newest addition to our family.... again thank you to everyone who has supported us through this journey. I hope that you will all continue you follow us through the next chapter of our lives.


  1. SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND! I hope you are blessed with a baby soon. You definitely deserve it! Goodbye Eddie!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm beyond excited! I want to keep jumping up & down. it's such an amazing feeling to hear we are so close!! And yes Goodbye Eddie!! lol <3, Mrs. P