Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eddie's Gone!!!

Tuesday I had to have an emergency tooth extraction due to a major broken tooth. I managed to break my tooth even more Monday night & it was unavoidable. So when I went in for surgery yesterday I hadn't eaten in two days, I was nervous & HUNGRY. The whole experience, overall, was really good.

We got to the hospital around 8 am & got back for prep around 9:30. I was wheeled off to surgery around 11 am & was out by 11:45 am. The staff asked us the same five questions over and over again.. "when did you last eat or drink something", "Can you verify your name, birthday and husbands cell number" "any known allergies to meds" and "what are you having done today'. So to my surprise when I woke up in the OR they nurse saying 'sorry Ma'am we can't locate your husband'; I was worried. Over two & half hours later the recovery ward decided to inform me that they had been calling the wrong number. Needless to say my husband was panicked and ticked off. While looking for him I managed to feed myself, take myself to the bathroom & another nurse walked me around the hallway. I climbed back into the hospital bed and slept for an hour before he arrived in my room. The Dr's came in and said that "Eddie" was removed without any issues & it was a very simple extraction. They forgot to bring the pictures I requested but I'd get them at post-op. Yes I was upset that they wouldn't let me see "Eddie".. they had him sent off for evaulations as soon as he was removed. My hubby laughed because
I offered the OR nurse my cell phone so she could take pictures .. but again the declined my request.

They said they were giving me 800mg ibuprofen, percocet & more birth control pills. The pharmacy even told Ben they had given me percocet but encouraged the ibuprofen over then percocet. Once home my sweet hubby propped me up on the couch (which he covered with sheets) with my pillows; a bottle of Sprite & my meds. He thought he handed me a percocet and I prepared to see the world again in 6-8 hours. Two hours later I woke up covered in sweat from head to toe, I was dizzy and in pain. He went to go grab some ibuprofen to see that the bottle said 'oxycodone 15mg and Acetaminophen 325mg'. Umm I'm allergic to Oxycodone... like hardcore allergic. But at this point I had already two prescribed dosages before he realized that the bottle said something different then our paperwork. He immediately called the ER & they requested that I drink a ton of fluids and just take the ibuprofen. From 3:30 until 10 pm I battled the sweats, shakes, dizziness and nausea.

This am I am feeling good. A little dizzy still but overall good. My cramping is very mild & tolerable; especially for the second day. My plan is to plop my bottom in the bed & just rest all day. I'm not allowed to bend over, take a bath or lift anything heavier than 10 lbs until Monday.  On August 30th I'll go back for post-op and I'll be given the pictures of Eddie, the Clomid & the trigger Gonal F shot. From there we wait to see if we conceived Baby P.

Thank you for your prayers and concerns. I've waited for this surgery for a while now & I"m so glad i's over!


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    1. Thank you Jamie! I'm at 100% again & I'm very nervous about our next step.. but ready. The thought of putting all those hormones in my body (again) is a little scary. Mrs. P