Friday, August 9, 2013

What Running's taught me.


Over the past three weeks the hubby & I have started running. Some of you are aware that we took a two month workout break due to physical scares & family stuff. We've been running Monday, Wednesday & Friday and I just started going in on Tuesday & Thursday for cardio. I wanted to share a couple of things I've learned since I've started running.

Pain: Nobody told me how much I'd hurt after a run. don't get me wrong that high after finishing my jog is amazing! After an hour or two my body starts screaming with cramping pain. It usually starts with my thighs and abs - nothing that keeps me away from going again but I wasn't expecting to feel such a full body workout. I also feel the effects in my back and arms / hot tubs & baths usually help me reduce that muscle cramping the day of a run.

hunger: I've never been so hungry in my life!! I'm not big on breakfast but after our 'jogging' mornings I could eat a whole IHop omelet with no breaths! (not that I have) I'm always starving by the time I make it home. Since I've cut back on my coffee intake too.. the hunger has really set in! I'm so thankful we have filled our house with fruits, yogurts, and nuts.

clothing: You see people run in small shorts and tanks all the time. I will be the first to explain that as a bigger women you have to be careful with wearing short shorts. The friction of leg rubbing is NOT cool.. but in the case that it happens a soak in epsom  salt right after a run helps. Anyway I found these awesome yoga shorts from Target that are amazing! They breath and they stay in place when I run.. here.  I went a little crazy with buying some fashionable knee socks. After wearing them one day I learned why they weren't going to work. Although I was so happy they stayed up ~ it made my legs really itchy and it was hard to concentrate on the run. I then started to wear very thin ankle socks... such a huge difference.

Water.. water.. water: Drinking water is SO important but it's even more important with workouts and running. I am not the best with remembering throughout the day to chug a bottle or two but I'm getting better. I have managed to keep two cold bottles in the fridge at all times and they are usually empty at the end of the day. I'm also a huge "FIJI" fan so I usually have a bottle or two a day.

smoking: nothing makes you want to quit faster then the chest pain from smoking. I usually get about .75 of a mile before I can feel the chest burn. We've started using our vaporizing sets to help us kick the habit. The first time my chest & throat started burning I didn't think I would be able to catch my breath.It was a huge wake up call for me to really quit.

Stretching: I've never understood the importance of Yoga and stretching until working out. And while I don't attend a Yoga class anymore I still do some of the poses when I need a good stretch. The downward dog, cobra, crow, half downward dog & forward bend and the most amazing poses for muscle cramping.

I think that the most important is that it's changed me. I started this with "you're gonna kill me" or "I haven't ran since high school". Even though I'm not jogging a full mile without a rest here & there I still keep going. So far we've gotten up to 2.3 miles and I'm looking to push it to 3 next week. Why? for me. I enjoy running ~ I am just being very determined to master a job to help me become healthy. I know that running is a good thing to do to help with some of the weight loss. I plan on jogging during my pregnancy & after so it's important that I start this now.

How do you prepare for a run? How did you start running? Do you have any advice to give to the new runners/joggers?? Do you also do other workouts with your run???


    When I first started running I couldn't imagine that people ran in skimpy little outfits! I don't even wear the shorts, but I wear the capris from Target just like those! I love how they are when I go "running" (or trotting, as I prefer to call it)!
    I started running this year to help with weight loss as well and to really get healthier! So, my husband and I started signing up for 5Ks every month and hitting the streets! I also use beachbody workout programs and right now am doing Focus T25 M-F. Keep up your journey and you will love, love, love hitting the pavement!

    1. I don't dislike running I just don't understand how people can run 5 miles at a time because I'm barely running a mile before I get all tired. I'm trying to really stay with it, and those short running shorts are insane!! I want the capri leggings that end right below the knee.. those will be my next purchase for my running attire. Signing up for a 5K for motivation is a great idea!!!

      Thanks for the comment & the boost. I really appreciate it.

  2. Keep it up Amy! Gotta quit smoking and don't give into eating crap. Everyone has tricks to eating and the best advice I can give is to try not to eat processed foods, small little meals through out the day with raw fruits and veggies, lots of water and NO SODA, and be happy! Smile when you're running and come up with a mantra when you're running. I say same mantra over and over in my head. Keeps me focused and happy!

    1. Thanks Sam! We are slowly quiting and we do good with the food intake. I try really hard to stay with water and stay away from Sodas. I need to limit our beer pong nights, that beer really hurts with running. Good advice, I will have to remember to smile while running. lol.