Friday, September 13, 2013

HSG test: check!

Thursday I had my HSG test.

We showed up around 1:15 so that I could go get a urine pregnancy test done in OB. They gave me the yellow slip saying that I wasn't pregnant and off we went. I took a 800mg ibuprofen before heading to Radiology - as instructed but decided to not take the Valium until after the procedure. Learn from me & Do Not Do This!! Take the Valium or whatever they give you WITH your ibuprofen!!

After getting changed I was put on a table and asked for my feet to touch each other and my legs make a 'butterfly'. It hurt a little entering the catheter - not gonna lie - but it was more the pressure feeling then anything. The Radiologist came in and started taking pics of my uterus before the dye was inserted.
Once the dye was starting to be inserted I started to feel a stinging sensation through my right side. The pain got so intense I started to ask them to stop.. but she kept saying "we are almost done, you are doing so good!".  The Radiologist had me move to my left side about three different times and back to my back. The pain was unbearable. My poor hubby just looked at me with empathy and concern as I laid there crying and begging them to stop. The Radiologist said something like "I dont' know why the dye wont go in that side". The Nurse apologized about three different times; but I thought it was due to the intense pain I was in.

I didn't really look at the screens around me but my hubby did. He said that one said was a thin wispy line and the other was a much thicker line. Due to him being concerned about me he didn't take a picture of the screen as he promised. I'm not sure what any of this means but I go back next Thursday to hear their advice. From what I do know is that the wispy line could mean a blockage or nothing at all..

After getting home I took the Valium and fell asleep for four hours... i woke up and walked around - ate some food - and still felt crampy.

I'm praying that this isn't something bad. I'm praying that they two different sides don't mean something is really wrong but if I have a blocked tube then surgery is in my future.

Hopefully I'll have great news come next Friday about this HSG follow up.

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  1. I just had my HSG yesterday, and holy crap was that painful! I wish I had more warning and/or saw this blog post earlier so that I could have prepared myself better!