Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm still around....

Hi everyone! 

Our trip to Arizona was amazing! We were welcomed with open arms & participated in so much stuff! The weekend went way too quick though; which was the saddest part of the whole weekend. We went quadding, to dinner, had a birthday party for a 4 & 5 yr old, ran around Arizona and shared in home meals with the whole family. It was so nice and relaxing.. did I mention that we were beyond spoiled? Breakfast & coffee every morning.. amazing lunches and two incredible home cooked meals. I almost cried when we left but although short; it was awesome. I learned that my dogs have a HUGE separation anxiety issue & that we need to do weekend getaways more often.

Tuesday I started my day off with my pre-op appointment. My least favorite of the two Dr's was on the rounds & changed our plan of action again. So this coming Thursday I'll have a HSG dye test done. They want to check my tubes for any blockage or damage that Eddie might have caused. I should be able to start the Clomid & Trigger shot after my follow up appointment on September 19th. Should being the key word; every time I go in something is changed or they want to run more tests... but I'm happy that they are taking all these extra steps so that we don't have any pregnancy issues later. I got to see pictures of the benign tumor that they removed; it was nasty. I also got to see the inside of my uterus and the entrance to my fallopian tubes; which was awesome!! 

Leaving the Dr's office I got a flat tire which offset the remainder of my day. Grocery shopping on Wed was a great treat - the female roomie went with and we took our sweet time while enjoying the AC at the Commissary. We also walked around the NEX and indulged in some Starbucks. 

I restarted my workouts with the hubby on Thursday - which was nice. I've really been looking up "kettlebell" exercises and applying those to our workouts. I can totally feel the effects of the Kettlebell squats and the dumbell side bends with a 25lb weight. We've been using the Leg Press, the seat abductor/adductor outer/inner thigh, the hip raise machine, and leg raises machine.  Then the next day we really focus on arms. My Dr told me that I should start focusing my workouts on "pregnancy" workouts so I don't stress my body out with the sudden change. I have no idea what "pregnancy" workouts are & to be honest pinterest is no help in this matter. Suggestions??

Otherwise it's HOT. Our house, like many in SD, doesn't have ac. So these 100* degree days heat up the house so quickly & it's hard to get anything done. I stayed up all night Saturday just to clean the house - so not kidding. My awesome hubby bought a AC window unit and roomie couple did too. Ours should arrive this afternoon & be installed tonight.. hoping it will cool this blazing house off!! This is my explanation for being MIA for a week. 

I'd love to hear some pregnancy workout suggestions. 
Hope you enjoyed a couple of picture collages from our trip to Arizona. 


  1. I found this link...which might be of help!

    SD has been REALLY hot. I don't know how people can stand it with no AC! I'm so glad our Military housing has central air! Stay cool, and good luck with everything!

    1. Thanks for the link I've already gone through and pinned some of the workouts! I'm using google right now to help narrow down some more.

      Yes SD has been really hot! We live towards Spring Valley so it's hotter than SD sometimes. I love that military housing has it too.. one day we will add the central unit in our house. We have all the vents and stuff we just need to purchase the unit and have it installed (which is apx $7000).

      Usually by the first of Oct the weather will adjust to being normal SD weather. :D Thanks for you help & Comments! <3, Amy

  2. I'm famous! I'm on your website! LOL! Love the pictures and you'll have to send them to me. I'm so happy you had a great time with us! We'll do it again very soon and hopefully the next trip will have my little bro and his family with us!!! ;o) Oh, and the Harris family too!

    1. Famous... hahaha you are funny. Thanks, I was planning on sending them to WAL-MART and sending you, Kelli and your Mom pics. Yes; hopefully the 'bestfriend' can join us next time with his own family - lol. Although we REALLY appreciate the invite and being included. :D


  3. Can't wait to hear the good news on Sept 19! Glad you had a good trip.