Monday, September 16, 2013

Love Clouded Eyes

I think it's no hidden secret that relationships are hard. No just romantic relationships but all relationships require work. I personally believe that the three biggest things in a relationship is trust; honesty and communication. I'd like to share a conversation that the hubby & I had after our workout this am. We were walking to my car to put his gym bag away & we stopped over at the smoke deck. He is H and I am M.

H: "I don't know why but I feel sexy this morning"
M: "You are sexy"
H: "I think you just have love clouded eyes, plus you are my wife so you have to say that"
M: "What does that mean? Just because we are married doesn't mean that I have to find you sexy or that I would lie to you."
H: "That you are in love so it clouds the actual appearance of things. Then again I think it speaks to my low sense of self; just like you when I compliment you. You usually don't believe me when I say you are pretty - you have a come back of "ooh my stomach is big", "my thighs are huge" or something along those lines".
M: "So if a beautiful woman walks up and says you are sexy then you wouldn't believe her?"
H: "No - well it depended on the way she said it. I would initially think she was being condescending."
M: "Well I think you are sexy & you should be grateful that your wife has 'Love Clouded Eyes' for her husband because I feel that is very rare."

We demonstrate our insecurities in so many different ways & I don't feel that it's a hidden thing that the hubby & I have them. I know that our social media sources really play a big part in that too. I can't tell you I work out as hard as I can, or that I push myself to be super healthy. I can't complain about gaining a couple of pounds after eating fast food for a week or that I feel or society doesn't egg that pressure on. I can say that I feel that it's important to tell our loved ones that they are beautiful, sexy and special. To point out those qualities that we love so much & I hope that my daughter is raised in a home that gives her enough self esteem to make it through our cruel world.

There is a lot more that I can say on this topic but I will stop here. I don't believe that just one person can change the world, but a group of people. I hope that this conversation that I shared shows that both men and women can be affected by self esteem and body image issues. We can change some of these by simply honestly telling our loved ones how special they are.

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