Tuesday, September 24, 2013

so far..

So far I've had two doses of 100mg of Clomid. In about two hours I'll take my third dosage. How am I feeling? More in control then I thought I would.

The hot flashes are amazingly annoying - I woke up soaked in sweat this morning. We had the ceiling fan on, a isolating fan right on me & and a HUGE industrial fan blowing into our room ... and it was in the 50's last night. I should have frozen my bottom off like my hubby did.. but nope I woke up drenched from head to toe in sweat.

The mood swings are awesome .. one moment I'm happy and content and the next I could slice you open. Today was the first 'crying for no reason' portion - as the Starbucks barista handed me a cranberry orange scone.. wtf?! I have warned all my roomies and hubby about the mood swings & to be honest they aren't as bad as I expected. I've only lost my cool twice with the hubby... and last nights was because he said he couldn't tell I've lost weight. Granted I've only been back in the gym for a week and a half... but the tears came anyway. *sigh*

What I didn't expect and I've never experienced was this hunger bug! OMG! I can't eat enough! I'm craving something but everything I put in my mouth is NOT what I'm craving. Trust me from donuts to carrots.. I have no idea what my body is looking for but this is nuts! Instead of cramps, like I expected, I have the tummy growl. Like I'm starving. This is also very embarrassing - just the sight of food makes it grumble loudly!

Of course my hubby thinks all of this is hysterical. rolling eyes While watching the Bronco's game I managed to eat a sandwich, yogurt, carrots with ranch dressing, three glasses of water, and a bowl of popcorn. Now I should mention this was all in the first half... by the start of the second half my stomach started grumbling again. The hubby started rolling in laughter, to my annoyance, his response was just that he finds in hysterical that I'm eating the house. Overall I feel great!

My Rock! The hubby forcing me to the gym everyday has REALLY helped me.. seriously. Everyday that I've taken a pill, even Sunday, we've been at the gym. If nothing but to walk the treadmill - we have gone - and he's put up with all my snarky, rude comments like a champ. He's also helped me SO much around the house.. with chores, with the dogs, just letting me lounge around all day. His only rule is that I stay stress free & if that mean staying in bed all day then so be it... {oh man here come the tears.. damn hormones} I'll take my HCG shot on Saturday {the hubby's birthday} & my sonogram is Oct 1st (Which the hubby took off work to attend with me).

right now I am content and aware of my crazy behavior. I have, again, warned everyone to let me get through this week & so far it's been awesome. Aside from the hubby the roomies have been amazing as well. I literally have had nothing to do all week - they have taken care of everything. I'm one blessed chica!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far & I'll try to get another update in before the end of the week. :)


  1. Oh, you gotta love the mood swings on Clomid! I only took 50mg of Clomid for 2 months and the mood swings were the worst! I felt so out of control and I knew it was making me crazy but I couldn't stop. Good luck with your trigger! I did 3 shots per round and hated them each time even though they didn't hurt.

    1. I do feel out of control sometimes but I have found that working out really has helped me calm down. My husband is helping me out too. I'm not worried about it hurting but I'm worried about the HCG effects.

  2. Fertility treatments are definitely a rollercoaster ride of emotions! It's crazy all you go through and how you feel, but if it works, it's all worth it!

    Btw, don't stress about the HCG shot...I didn't even feel it!

    1. I'm not worried about the HCG shot hurting I'm worried about the side effects. I really hope it will be worth it this round... here is to hope! <3, Mrs. P