Wednesday, September 18, 2013

work it

Good Morning.
Today I want to talk a little about workouts.

Here are the workouts I'm doing right now.

elliptical for 2 miles
dumbell side bends with a 20lb weight 20 per side x 3 reps = 60 total
kettlebell squats with 30 lb kettlebell 10 x 4 reps = 40 squats
40 stand alone squats
40 sit ups using the sit up bench
1 mile fast paced walk on treadmill
.25 mile cool down walk

This workout has been three days a week for two weeks. I can see the results for the squats and the dumbell side bends for sure!! I've noticed that my thigh muscles are starting to really develop but I'm not really noticing a difference with my stomach or my inner thighs. Starting next week I'll be adding those inner thigh workouts.. I've found a couple through pinterest that I can't to add.

Because the hubby & I only workout for a hour AND the fact that he is solely concentrating on cardio for the next month puts me in a bind. I feel very uncomfortable doing some of these leg workouts by myself - so most of the time I talk myself out of them. The hubby & I have a sit up bench, weight bench & push up bench at the house already that we don't use. We moved it to the garage after the shuffle change with roomies; and it's still there. Today I plan on moving the push up bench in our room, purchasing another full length mirror, exercise ball and coming home to finish my leg routine.

I'm going to be adding:
"Step Up" routine
Alternate lunges
Glute Bridge with basketball
Lateral leg lifts
Sumo squats

Now I'm having a lot of issues with the tummy area. I'm doing the situps and stuff but it's working the inner muscles not the outer.. I need to get this flab to be flat! The only thing I've really found to add is planks. Are there any other suggestions in getting that tummy area to shrink down?? I can feel the abs under this flab - so I know that the crunches and cardio are working!

What workouts are you currently doing??


  1. Replies
    1. haha! I love the current workouts they make me feel the burn but I can see the results already! <3, Mrs. P

  2. Sounds like you've got one awesome plan going sugar!! You'll do great! Cardio is VERY VERY good so don't let that get you down. 75% of my workouts are cardio. They burn fat really well!

    1. HIIIII!!!! Thanks! Now if I can just stick with it.. Cardio is great that is why Mr P I so focused on it right now. Miss you! <3, Bestie