Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Quick update


Real quick update here because I really need to clean this house & I have a pinwheel tray to make. 
So after my post yesterday I went & bought a pg test (well a box of 3). I couldn't help myself so I took one, then one again this morning & called the Dr with the results. The Dr said it was too early to test & that I had to wait until Saturday the 19th & then take another one on the 21st. I have to call back on Monday to let him know the results. He said my negative test results are, in his opinion false negatives. It just proves that the hormones are out of my system, but the HCG levels wouldn't be high enough to indicate a pregnancy at this point.. HOW COOL IS THAT!! Well I have to find a way to keep myself occupied for another couple of days & keep taking this damn progesterone. 

Oh man most of my Halloween garb is out & throughout my house. I wouldn't be a true blogger if I didn't add some pics...

I have two of these that I bought at BigLots a couple of years ago.

Picked pinecones to put in a bowl.

2012 Scentsy Pumpkin warmer

Set of 2 with bats ~ found at BigLots.

The two bat tea light holders with my popcorn centerpiece.

Filled a square vase with popcorn seeds & put a vanilla glade candle in the middle.
Placed a ribbon around the square vase. 
Idea from pinterest.

What fall decor do you have around the house? 


  1. I would go absolutely crazy waiting to take that test! Hang in there! Great decorations =]

    1. Miranda, I'm going insane!! lol. Thank you.. I'm not a big fall decorator but I felt that the few items i've got around the house re adorable! BigLots is amazing with small inexpensive decorations. :D
      <3, Amy