Monday, October 7, 2013

another Dr update.

Friday was a big day for the hubby & I.
Before I can tell you about that I have to say this: Thursday I went to the RE (fertility Dr) & had a sonogram to check my eggs/lining. Which you can catch up here if you missed last weeks post. Wednesday night the hubby & I decided that it would be a good idea to tell facebook followers that our treatment didn't work. The reason behind that is stress & the fact that we have a ton of negative nancy's in our lives. I've had more than 4 close people in my life tell me that this months treatments weren't going to work. For that reason I went to my appointment on Thursday got great news and decided to write a post stating that our month failed & we were going to try again. Right or wrong (to you) I feel that we did the right thing - but of course I can't lie to my blogging friends.
So.. here is the real story
Thursday I went back to the RE to have my follicles checked & to see if the medicine they gave me thickened my lining. Not only did my lining greatly improve but my follicles were even better than Tuesday! The Dr started with my left ovary & we found 1 15mm, 1 17mm and 1 22mm follie! One the right side we found 2 22mm follies... which is wonderful news!!

This is a picture of one of the 22mm follicles that I had. From there we set up an insemination date for the next day. On Friday my father in law came in from Texas, which kept me a little calm. I also got a call from my best friends wife - giving me encouragement to think positive and calming thoughts. Mr. P & we went to the Dr together.. he dropped off the baby batter and then we waited a hour & half for my appointment. That was the longest hour & half of my life ~ kid you not.  
After the insemination process I had to lay on the table for a full 20 min. The hubby & I set and joked, laughed and I cried a little. It's a big moment to think this is how your baby's life is started. It's not what I ever imagined. I thought my child would be created in some moment of passion - not while laying on a cold dr's table. At the end of the day it's about holding your precious child, so I shouldn't be sad that I didn't get that natural moment of conception.. right? 
The Dr prescribed me some progesterone pills to take for two weeks. Progesterone is also necessary for implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus and for maintaining pregnancy. So now I am taking 100mg twice a day until the 18th when I take a pregnancy test. The Dr was so confident that we will have a positive that he didn't want to spend much time talking about the alternative. All he said was 'call me after your pregnancy test & if it didn't work we will start all over".  We wont have an official pregnancy until after Nov 15th (six weeks) but on the Oct 18th we will know if procedure worked. It will take another 4 weeks, which is where Nov 15th comes in at, that the pregnancy holds.  

I appreciate all the support you guys shower me with. It's amazing how something so routine could be so life changing. As I said before I am keeping a lot of the details with close friends from here, but I wanted the moment documented on the blog just in case. I can say that if this little egg decides to form into a baby - it will be loved from the moment the conception is confirmed. 

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