Monday, October 21, 2013

I guess we start over??

Good Morning!

Today was my first morning back at the gym in about 2 weeks. I can't believe that I allowed myself two weeks away from the gym! I feel so much better today & lord knows I didn't need to stay on my butt. Now to start my workouts all over again to maintain my quota. Today I'll be spending my day on pinterest looking up more workouts. Please follow me on pinterest if you would like, and I'll return the favor. You can find me here.  Speaking of following .. did you know that I created a new Facebook page for the blog??! If you aren't following me please do; you can follow me on facebook here. I'd love to have the chance to get to know you better!

So this morning I took my 4th pg test. Last week I took two & they came out Neg & I called my RE to be told that I took them too early. The next one I took at my PCM's office & this mornings was here at the house.. all four are NEG! I know this sounds like a stretch but the 1st on.. no 2nd line. The 3rd on the top & bottom of the line showed & then disappeared. The one today the whole line showed up and then faded away.  I'm so confused!! I thought you weren't supposed to see the line at all! I have no idea anymore. I already called the RE asking for the next step.. I guess I'll take a blood test & see what happens. I was excited because I am now three days late, but I guess the progesterone is keeping TOM at bay. The hubby & I have already discussed starting over with the treatments & he thinks I should stay in complete bedrest for the 2WW. Are you kidding?? Not going to happen.

Over this past weekend I started getting notices like crazy from NOOK. Someone ordered like 20 books off this account that had ALL my info! Including an old CC that I used to have with Ben's account. I'm guessing my old female roomie used my info to set up her NOOK. I called the number that was on the site & they told me that it would take FIVE business days to cancel the account. I deleted as much information as I could, once we got on the online account, but I wasn't happy that it would take 5 days to cancel the account! I contacted my old roomie & she informed me that someone stole her NOOK after she moved out.. hmmmm. Well at any case I've started the motions to cancel it.. including the books that were being processed for downloads. I'm aggrivated that it will take so long to cancel the account & think it's outrageous that the company would allow someone to continue to use the account. (The will still be able to download free books until the account is closed.) Shame on you Barnes & Noble.

Hope everyone has a great Monday & I will try really hard to leave comments on your blogs! I'm so bad at just reading them.. have a great day!!!

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