Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm addicted.

Hello. My name is Amy & I'm addicted to pinterest.

I mean how could you not love this site??! it has clothes, food, hot celebs, hair styles, nail polish colors, drinks, decor ideas... oh man the list just keeps going! 

Do we follow each other?? If not you can find my pinterest page here

Since it's Friday I'll share a couple of my top favs on pinterest RIGHT NOW
(which might change in the next 5..4..3..2..1)

Ok seriously - who isn't in love with this fall style?? I mean it's super comfy & super cute! I love the boots, the scarf & the layered shirts! 

I mostly use Pinterest for workout ideas. I kid you not. I find everything that I want to find - simple videos, to picture step by steps, to inspirational messages. I am 9-10 times looking to target a certain area when I go to this site. It's not failed me yet & I've created some fab routines out of this. 

OMG the food! If I'm not looking for workout routines then I'm surfing for food ideas! 
You want to find it, they have it! I've found some, out of this world, recipes on this site. Like the one above.. it's a house fav! I serve the chicken over butter noodles.. the artichoke is so amazing with this dish!! Ya gotta try it.. oh & it's SUPER easy!! 

Oh man this site gets me in so much trouble! I find the cutest things that I want 'to make' for the house! I mean this is seriously for me, it fits my home decor perfectly!

I know I don't have to sell you on Pinterest. I'm sure you all surf it on a hourly daily bases. I've found so many awesome things on this site that I don't know why I even use google! At nights the hubby plays his games & I prowl through pinterest.. I love the clothes, the hair/beauty tab, healthy tab & the food tab. I've created a months, budget friendly, menu from pinterest a time or too. Majority of the food is sublime! I really try to stay away from the 'cleaners' or the 'face improvement' suggestions. I've found a lot of pins that are just bs & some that are just 'how did i live without this!' pins. 

What do you look up on pinterest? What is your screen name so I can stalk follow you too! 


  1. You aren't the only one addicted to that site! I could spend all day on it. It's horrible!

    1. Miranda,
      I usually have to set a timer or I will spend ALL DAY on this stupid site! I just love it! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one.. haha! There is just so much information & such a variety of categories!! I don't even google anymore, I just go straight to pinterest 9 out of 10. haha!
      <3, Amy