Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Protection.

Good Morning Lovelies!

Through all the madness of the world you think your house is your safety zone. You invite people in to share in the bliss you've created. I open my doors time & time & time again because it's the right thing to do.. but there are days when I wonder why. When it becomes about my {fur babies} I try to protect them as much as possible but I have learned we can only protect them to a point.

I'm not a parent. I've been around kids all my life. I've been around dogs all my life. I've worked with both dogs & kids. Personally I think I lean towards a dog more than a human. Not saying I would save a dog before a child. I just feel that animals have less than a voice since they can't talk or express what they are feeling. Obviously dog's feel or they would bark, bite or growl when someone is bothering / hurting them.

My pomeranian is 10 yrs old. He has been around children his WHOLE life. He has never jumped up and bitten anyone. He does have quirks where he doesn't like {anyone} to stomp their feet, hit another person, or run in the house. Everything else he just picks when he wants to play or tattle {bark}. These quirks are stated & posted as our house rules. Don't do these things.. the dogs will react. With that being said.

My roommates were in the kitchen, I was on the phone while cleaning my room & the dogs were in the living room. I heard the little girl start crying & then she went to her room with her Mom. Her step dad was smoking on the front porch & I went to join him. We made small talk and then he calmly said "Grizzly came out of no where & just bite {the kid}. what? when? yea. out of no where just jumped up and got her arm ~ about 10 min ago. what was going on in the kitchen? nothing. we were playing an he just ran out from under the kitchen table. how were you guys playing? we were hitting each other .. you know punching. She was hitting her fists on to my fists and then she pretended to kick me. ooh! so you were play fighting & you were hitting one another. Well, yea.. but the point is he just came out of no where and bite her arm. Did he break skin? Is she bleeding? Is she OK? No, there isn't a mark on here it just scared {the kid} and {the Mom}. well that's good. you guys have to remember that when the dogs are inside they don't like people hitting. At that we walked away & it wasn't brought up again.

So the next day my husbands asks me if I knew this had happened. I responded with 'yes but after the fact'. We talked for a while about what was told to the both of us & so on. In the end my husband said that we would have to put him down if he actually bites someone. I freaked out.  I'm not a cold bitch, I am sympathetic to the fact that it scared them. I also know my dog & know that he wouldn't have just 'attacked'. He would have barked first.. he would have got in between them but he would have never jumped & bit anyone. My husband said that more people are willing to upset a smaller dog then a bigger dog. The reactions are different by the other party.. you aren't going to piss off a Great Dane but you would a smaller dog. Yesterday {the Mom} would open her room door to look up & down the hallways.. if she saw a dog she closed the door & then her husband emerged. The little girl isn't really allowed to play in the house anyway so she has also stayed in her room. I'm so aggravated that they are tiptoeing my house because of an alleged bite. They won't talk to us about it either. My husband urged me to allow the dogs to walk around the house freely. It's their house & as far as we are concerned our dog did nothing wrong.

My husband & I have talked about this for three solid days. Her point of view is the correct one because it's her view. I know a child is more important, to society, then a dog. I just breaks my heart that Dogs have no rights and that I can't protect my babies. I can tell you when you walk in don't stomp your feet, don't hit anyone & no running in the house and if you do it anyway you'll to get your toe nipped. Even though i warned you about my dogs ticks you can have him put down. You can walk into MY HOUSE, aggravate MY DOGS and have them put down. I mean does this NOT sit well with anyone else???  I put a 'BEWARE OF DOG' sign up & you walk in my yard... my dog bites you.. the dog will be put down. I have NO WAY to protect my property. I have no way to protect MY DOG. I can't prove he didn't do it, except she doesn't have a mark on her. I can't keep them from saying it happens again. The only thing I can do is keep my dog away from them at all times. I have to keep both of my animals in THEIR home away from these people. That is the only way I know how to protect my babies.

I know to someone this sounds cold & mean. I know that some people, like my husband, don't view a dog or cat as a child. They don't have the same rights. If someone walked into your home & slapped your child.. what would you do? If someone walks into my home & slaps my dog... what can I do? I just feel that as a animal owner I don't have a way or right to protect my animals from people. Stating rules & disclaimers obviously doesn't work. Now I'm, honestly, terrified for my dog because I have no way to protect him. The bigger question is can you protect your animals?


  1. I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from! I have a dog that is exactly like that. As long as you aren't running or fake hurting each other she is fine but if you or your kids come into my house and do these things after I warned you-you can expect nips to happen. My dogs are my kids and I also believe that they deserve rights. They have boundaries and deserve respect just like people do. I don't think a dog should be punished or killed for protecting itself or it's family or home when it feels threatened.

    1. I am glad that someone else can agree with. I think the fact that I can warn you, you still upset my dog & then you can go turn him in.. is wrong. There should be a way to protect an animal in their home.