Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving

Gooble Gooble Lovelies,

* My amazing husband for all the love and support his gives me on a daily basis.
* My awesome & HUGE family who is always there when I need them.
* the awesome support system who stands by me all the time. Their love & support has made my life so special and huge.
* for my bestie, who's always got my back & makes me laugh. The awesome Skype conversations, the incredible support, the availability to be there when I need to cry, scream, laugh or just be humbled.
*for my best friend Jeff, who is always around when I need him the most. I love and cherish how we have become more like family then friends. I am so excited that they will be back in SD this coming year & how I will get to see them almost, if not, everyday.
*for my house. Every time I look around I am reminded on how lucky we are to have such an amazing place to call home.
*Starbucks: I love that they are on almost every corner & that I can always swoop in for some in caffeine indulgence. I'm thankful that they helped me grow my strong love for coffee that has always comforted me, been apart of such special moments, and helped create strong friendships.
*Men & Women who serve: I'm so thankful for their selflessness, eagerness and dedication to keep us safe and up hold our constitutional right. I'm thankful that because of them we have the opportunity to choose the lives we want to live. Our freedom because of their sacrifice's away from family, friends, comforts and of the ones who have given their lives.
*my animals: that no matter how I am feeling they are always there to share kisses, snuggles and hugs. The days when my world seems so off, they are there to bless with me with a smile.
*Traditions: I'm thankful that my parents had so many traditions that made each and every holiday so special and memorable. I hope that I can create some amazing traditions for my own kids.
*My Dad: Although he is no longer with us ~ I am forever thankful for all the amazing things he taught me. Like; forgivness, respect, thoughtfulness of others and respect. He also passed on his love of cooking and baking; which gives me so much peace and pride.

I'm sure there are so many things that I left off that I am thankful for. I'm reminded on a daily basis of things that dismiss that have great importance to me. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memories of Thanksgiving pasts..

Good Morning Lovelies;

I am not going to pretend that I participate in the month of "thankfulness" on Facebook, I think it's ridiculous. I believe we should be Thankful all year around & not 'try' to come up with 28 different things to post. I had to say it, it's personally annoying.

Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday. Why? because it's a time when friends & family get together with no hidden expectations. It's just a fathering that is enjoyed with food, football and possible Christmas tree decorating. I love that there isn't pressure to bring a gift. Growing up I would help my Dad prepare the feast; while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I remember being in charge of deviled eggs, filling the celery sticks with pimento n cheese, and filling the pie's.

My Mom would iron out this beautiful white table cloth and matching napkins. We would eat of this beautiful white china that had little blue flowers all the way around. The Green bean casserole, Turkey and Stuffing would be put in matching China serving dishes and my Dad always got my Mom the most beautiful flower centerpieces. While the dinning room was being all dressed up, the kitchen table was being filled with delishes sides & sweets.

My family was rather large in number, so once my nieces and nephews arrived we would end up outside playing in the fallen leaves and on the swing set. The men would fall asleep with the "Dallas" football game on in the background, while the women set around the dinning room table talking. Before everyone left my Dad would bring in the Christmas tree from the back porch and plug in the already assembled Christmas lights. He always did this the day before Thanksgiving, he would sit on the back porch checking each strand of lights and then put them on the tree. Our family would gather around and add an ornament or two. My parents kept each and every ornament that we had ever made from school or otherwise & it was always nice to hear the stories of when it was made.

I haven't been back to Texas for a Thanksgiving since 2007, the year my Dad passed away. For me it's just not the same to not see him prepare the food. Although it's still my 2nd favorite holiday, now my heart longs to see him trimming one more turkey and tree. The tears I shed in his memory are filled with joy and thankfulness. It's not to say that I don't feel his presence every time I make deviled eggs and pies on Thanksgiving.

As the years have passed my life has held on to those traditions my family created. With our house full of Sailors and friends, who have become family I am thankful. Thankful for tradition, thankful for conversation and laughter and thankful to feel the honest love for each and everyone under my roof. My husband & I will create our own traditions in the years to come with our children, and I pray that one day my kids will remember this holiday just as I am now. I pray that they too are Thankful for all those little memories and moments that hold us together.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's MY Birthday!!!

Good Morning Lovelies!

I have to honestly say that I don't feel 32. I can remember when I thought 32 was SOO-OOO old. While, at times, the number creates a slight panic throughout me; I take joy in living to celebrate another birthday.  To have fun with this joyous day.. I thought it would be fun to tell you all 32 things about myself that you may or may not already know. Ready?

  1. I am married to a Sailor
  2. I have a Great Dane named Gideon {means Mighty Warrior}
  3. Gideon got his name from a character on Criminal Minds
  4. I have a Pomeranian named Grizzly.
  5. Grizzly owns my heart.
  6. I have two cats; Spice & Sprinkles.
  7. I have an obsession with G names for my dogs & S names for my cats.
  8. I was born in Jacksonville, Texas.
  9. I moved to Oklahoma when I was 20.
  10. I moved to California right before my 29th birthday.
  11. I own a Toyota Corolla
  12. I want a Ford Edge or a Jeep Patriot
  13. My Corolla was a birthday present from my Dad on my 25th; it was the last gift I got from him before he passed away.
  14. I'm a coffee addict
  15. I'm a little obsessed with Starbucks.
  16. I collect Holiday Barbies & Holiday Barbie ornaments.
  17. I love working out.
  18. I want to own a bakery one day.
  19. I'm a music junkie ~ mostly country.
  20. I'm extremely obsessed with Dierks Bentley
  21. I love to read
  22. I love to cook 
  23. I try to be very organized
  24. The beach calms me 
  25. I have to sleep with a fan on me; even if it's 20*
  26. I have been battling infertility for 6 years.
  27. I was adopted at an early age
  28. I was reunited with my biological family
  29. My bestie & I have known each other since High School
  30. I'm slightly addicted to pinterest
  31. I'm in love with Carrie Underwood & Reese Witherspoon
  32. This is my last year to try & have a baby.

Those are 32nd fun & personal facts about my life. It has been life full of ups & down. To say my life is drama free would be a HUGE lie. Nobody knows what cards our future holds.. but I would like to encourage everyone to do at least five things.

*Love your friends & family with all your heart & allow yourself to be loved back.
*Be true to yourself NO MATTER WHAT
*Volunteer your time to something much greater then yourself.
*Try something new; it could change your whole world.
*Adopt a pet when you are able ... it's one of lives true blessings.

Here is to a wonderful birthday & a new year to celebrate life, friends & family.. CHEERS!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mug Swap reveal

Good Morning Lovelies!

I couldn't be more excited then to share my Mug Reveal from Dreaming Of Dimples Mug Swap!! I think this is the cutest 'swap' idea I have run across through the blogging world & couldn't pass up the chance to be apart of this swap!!! So thank you Jessah for coming up with a very creative Swap theme. If you have been following me long then you know that I'm a true coffee addict & more so I'm a Starbucks groupie. I collect everything from mugs to Christmas ornaments from Starbucks. I was beyond excited to get an e-mail from my Mug Swap partner Melanie! Melanie & I exchanged the things we liked to help us find the perfect Mug for each other. I have to confess that my goal was to be able to send more then ONE mug for my sweet partner. With a Starbucks on every corner, I knew it wouldn't be hard to put together a sweet box for her.
*I must declare that Melanie is going through a rough patch so I went a little over board with her box of goodies.*

I got my box from Melanie today & I can't wait to share what I got!

The box reveal
The best coffee EVER!!
Yummy goodness in a jar!
The mug broke during shipping & I tried to glue it back together.
Isn't it just adorable??
I am a sucker for hand written notes!! So awesome!
Such an amazing box of goodies!!
Thank You Melanie!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My birthday present!!

Good Morning Lovelies.

Yesterday I talked about my wreck & today I am going share part II of this story.
So while my car was getting looked at for a full estimate of damages we went and looked at the Used Cars. I've been wanting a Ford Edge for some time, so I wanted to go and look at them in person. We found the rows of Edges, Explorers & Escapes and started looking. A salesman came up and started talking to us & helping us find the SUV I was wanting. I wanted something big enough that Gideon {the Great Dane} could comfortably sit in the back. When we have kids I don't want the dog & the child sharing the same seating space for safety. After ruling out the Edge because of it's too slanted back end ~ we started comparing the Explorer to the Escape.
Now would be a good time to stop & explain the hubby's and I's deal. My husband was SO SURE that I would end up falling in love with an Escape that he said "if you find one that you love I get to drive it home & I get it drive it the first day". Deal! I instantly started falling for the Explorer but once inside I wasn't so sure. I mean they have all these gadgets and stuff but really I didn't like the layouts or I didn't like that Gideon would be sitting on the extra row of seats just to have room. Yes a 7 pasenger vehicle would be nice, but it's a tad overkill for our life at this point. Feeling defeated I started looking around & the other brand name vehicles. GMC, JEEP, Toyota, .. etc. We walked by this silver SUV and I stopped... like almost tripping both the men because I stopped so abruptly. One glance at the grill & the sleek body style and I was in love!
I have always wanted a 'black' vehicle but have never bought one. Here I was determined to find a SUV in black .. but I stood drooling over a Silver 2013 Ford Escape Eco Boost.

Something about this beauty just spoke to me. I loved how sleek it looked & how curvy she appeared. I walked around the whole vehicle taking it in.

The back was big enough for Gideon to fit in comfortably. More then enough head room & turning around space too! We kept walking around the vehicle & then I finally asked to see the inside. Once we were sitting behind the wheel of the SUV, I knew that this was my vehicle.

Not only did this SUV have leather seats, heated seat option, a Sunroof, but it has the SYNC capabilities too! The blue tooth from my phone SYNC's with the car & plays my music and offers hands free talking. It was loaded. More loaded then we needed & I thought I wanted. I was in love.
We went back to the body shop for some final walk through information & set up a date to bring my car... the salesman gave me his card and we walked away. My husband & I's conversation went a little something like this; "You really want that SUV huh?" "Yes! I really do" "Well maybe we will come back and look this weekend. I'm not sure we could afford a car payment right now". "We could always call the bank and check right?" "Maybe next week if the SUV is still there". Sulking next to him I silently agreed to disagree. Once home I immediately went to the Drew Ford website to look up the SUV. While looking up the SUV & talking on my cell to the insurance co, my hubby was on the phone with the bank. At 4:15 he asked for a change of clothes and announced we were going to go back and do the week trial they offered. {We get the car for a whole week to test drive, at the end of the week we either sign paperwork & give the vehicle back}. I was excited. I KNEW that I was coming home with the SUV.

I started texting my bestie the good news .. right then. When at the dealership we took a test drive. After the test drive everything changed.. before I knew it we were purchasing the SUV. Not the week test drive but actually purchasing the SUV. Two hours later I was handed three sets of keys to my new SUV & my hubby grinning "Happy Birthday Babe.. but we had a deal". With my lower lip stuck out like a three year old I handed the keys to my husband for him to drive it home. He also drove it to work the next day too. A deal is a deal right?

Long story short. The Toyota is getting fixed and will become my husbands vehicle. The truck will remain with us for moving & other purposes and the SUV will become my vehicle! What an amazing day.. I couldn't have made this up if I wanted to. I've wanted an SUV since high school and here I stood with the one I picked out in my driveway. I am spoiled beyond belief, I know. I am extremely happy about the SUV & Lucky to have a husband who is so willing to spoil me rotten.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday's wreck

Good Morning lovelies.

My original plan was to head 45 north of San Diego to see a dear friend of mine. To spend the day with her shopping, talking & sipping some coffee.. oh and playing with her baby. I got up, fixed my hair, did my makeup.. changed clothes like 500 times. Finally I'm walking out the door.. but oh crap! I forgot to ask the hubby to put money in my account.. I'll text him in the car. Before leaving my driveway I had sent a text saying "$$$$ please." 25 minutes later he still hadn't 'read' my text {man I love technology}. I pulled into the NEX gas station off the 15 ~ I only have half a tank of gas & I didn't want to stop mid trip. I pulled behind a row of vehicles, about 5 deep, and tried to text him again. He had already put the money in my account.. "thank you". Then he said "have fun"..With my car in park I reached over to get my ID out of my purse just to be ready. *BAM*
This Toyota Tacoma was literally about to be sitting on the hood of my car! So I did what anyone would do.. I honked. Wrong decision. The guy got startled and hit the GAS instead of the breaks... so.. yea. This is my 2nd or third accident with a vehicle in my life. High school, then in 2005 b/c of a tornado & Thursday.

Basically my whole bumper has be replaced, it's pinched on at the center otherwise it would have fallen off. He bent my whole license plate, punching a whole in the bumper plastic! He jumped out, in uniform, and started apologizing. I got his insurance info, ship info and all that other good stuff. I was in shock. I mean I literally was just sitting there in a daze. He kept asking me if I was OK, but all I could think about is how my day was ruined.

I pulled over to buy some duck tape {per hubby's request} to make sure that the bumper stayed on the car while I drove home. I was furious. Shaking and furious. I had been planning on this day for two weeks & suddenly it's gone. With my tail between my legs I drove back home sulking, pissed, crying, yelling.. ok that's a bit dramatic but you get the picture.

I made it back home, took a couple of these pictures for the insurance co & the blog {hehe}. I called the insurance co to start a claim, even though I was asked not to involve the insurance co by the other driver. We had the same insurance so my first experience with USAA was amazing. Not only did I get the deductible waived, but they hooked me up with a body shop to get it fixed! After 20 min conversation ~ I had rental car info, an appointment with a body shop AND I got a $60 discount b/c we never updated our marital status. {I also set up a policy for my rings for $3.00 a month!} The body shop was located at a Ford dealership not far from the house. The said that the bumper would have to be replaced, the bottom fog lights, and painting. They also said that they think that the re-bar was totaled and another bar behind the bumper but wouldnt' know until the bumper was completely removed. So the estimate of damages landed about $1,000 just by removing and replacing the bumper. 

Little Scotty goes in for plastic surgery next Tuesday and it will take a three days for recovery. 
* Check out part 2 tomorrow about the amazing thing that happened next!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Weight Loss Frustration

Good Morning Lovelies.

Today I'd like talk about an important topic to me: Weight loss.
It's no secret that a huge portion of my blog is about weight loss. You see this started last Feb when I decided that I wanted to go from 150 to 125 pounds. That's when it all went wrong.

This past year was my first attempt at going to a gym, changing my eating habits & really concentrating on dropping some weight. As you can see I've gained instead of losing. A whopping 25 pounds of weight gain! Now I'm not going to sit & lie saying I workout 5 days a week.. truth is I haven't been at all this week. Not once. Why? I'm so deflated by the fact that, I feel, I have worked to gain the weight instead of lose it. 

My sweet husband keeps reminding me that 'fertility treatments pack on the pounds'. yes, that sweet man... but that doesn't mean that my inner fire ignited to keep going. No, not at all. I decided that I needed a week to really get back into gear. I'm frustrated.

I have all but lived by this poster of motivation. I'm not giving up. I just need to know how my body loses. I have wracking my brain for a solid week trying to figure out what I did before that I'm not doing now. I looked so much better a year ago then I do today. It's frustrating. Due to taking meds to get preg I refuse to take a weight loss pill or a supplement. Why? I'm already taking a prenatal vitamin ~ what has more good stuff in in then a prenatal vitamin??

I have, honestly, really considered going vegetarian for a couple of months. Maybe that is the ticket? Maybe kicking this coffee habit is what will help.. I mean I used to drink smoothies every am instead of a pot of coffee. All I do is put creamer in my coffee.. I'm stretching here people.

So I guess I need to start over & try really hard to stay focused & keep going... right? I mean I don't have another fertility round until Jan so I have plenty of time to really really focus to do this. sigh. How do you keep going after you hit the weight loss wall?? How do you get your motivation back?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

living with ungreatful people

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I am escaping from home. Today I am driving an hour North to spend the day with a friend. I'm going to run to my car @ 8 am driving as fast as possible....  I need a day away. I need a break from this house & the people who fill it. I can't take another moment of this insanity. I just can't. Hour trips to the gym aren't fixing my frustrations.. I'm gone long enough to calm down & then it's slapped in my face the moment I open my door.

I'm aware that I'm allowing house guests to rule my home. I'm aware that I'm ready to throw them all out with a second thought. I'm aware that they have no where else to go. I'm stuck. I'm morally stuck on the dilemma at hand. I could list all the things that are bugging me but that wouldn't accomplish anything. I have had to rely on others before; so I can relate to the current circumstance. This rudeness that I've 'allowed' to take place in my home is unacceptable. I am now counting days until they leave my home..

I'm going an hour north. I'm going to visit a friend & her little girl. I'm escaping this situation & replacing it with something positive. A day of clarity can really help a person. I'm going to have lunch & shop at Hobby Lobby. I'm going to sit and relax with the nicest person I know. Surrounding yourself with a good hearted person can sometimes change you whole view. I'm hoping that's what happens. Otherwise my 'niceness' people mistake for 'weakness' is going to hit the floor & I pray they are already running when that happens. This Texas girl isn't so sweet when she's nice... "Bless their hearts".
I can't fight it anymore. I'm breaking down & putting up my Christmas tree this coming weekend. Thanks to Mrs. Raven for posting instagram pictures of her tree already up! You can also check out her post about it ... I love Raven. Obsessed is more accurate. You rock Raven.

Ok. That's all I got ladies. I hope you all are having a fabulous week. I can't wait to start checking out MORE Christmas things on pinterest. First I gotta get out of here.. it's an hour drive.. I can't contain my excitement anymore.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two years.

Good Morning Lovelies,
Thank you to all the men & women who fight to keep our freedom. May we take a moment of silence to pay or respects to all our fallen hero's. 

Two years ago today we moved into our first home.

So many changes have taken place since that beautiful day. The paint colors, the furniture, the animals and the renters have all changed in one way or another. It's sad to say that we are already talking about moving into a different home.. but oh how I love this house. 

To go back again I would have stuck with my original beach cottage theme & chosen a different blue to put in the living/kitchen area.

I would have fought for the mirror over the kitchen sink, that still isn't there.

I would have painted the chalk board on the wall that I wanted too.

I would have changed out that stupid kitchen faucet that still makes my life chaos.

I can go on with the list of things I could or would have changed with this house.. but that wouldn't be the point. The fact is I love my kitchen. I love my living room. I love my bedroom. I love my backyard. I love that the hubby & picked this house out together. I also love that this was the first house I have ever bought.

With all the things like paint & decor that I'd love to change about this house ~ the one thing remains. It feels like home. It makes me smile when I let the dogs outside because they have a backyard. Other then the front yard, I love showing my house off to people. Among all the clutter and homeyness that has been created, I wouldn't change it for the world. 
When the time comes that we do move on to another house.. I will cry. I will shed tears of remembering how we picked out this house. How it took one walk through to make us get excited. I'll remember the day we painted the kitchen together. I'll remember the day we bought our entertainment system & those surround sound speakers. I'll remember that day we fought over the paint color in the hallway & how after all the pictures were up it looked awesome. I'll remember so many firsts that we have been able to share with both friends, family & ourselves. Our first Thanksgiving, Our first Christmas, Our first anniversary, Our first Halloween...

Although we will be creating new first's in a new home one day .. this is will always be a very special place to me. This house will hold so many beautiful memories for years to come. I'm so thankful that we get to have the opportunity to be home owners & be so proud of the walls that surround us. 
Here is too at least two more years in this amazingly comfortable place we call home. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Swap

Fall Blog Swap I joined up with Britt from First Comes Love to join in on the hosted "Fall Swap". Who doesn't love a good "Fall Swap"? I think it's one of my favorite blogging events.. seriously. 

I got my Fall Swap partner: Mary from Simply Beautiful You
Mary was so sweet to send me a e-mail right away introducing herself! We exchanged e-mails for about a week or so talking about different things to add or not add to this awesome packages. I learned from Mary's e-mails that no only is she a new Mommy to a 8 month old.. but she is very crafty! I sought out to find the perfect projects for someone who likes to bake & do crafts. Hope I hit the mark with her box!!

I wasn't really looking for anything out of the swap other than meeting another blogger. I think it's so neat to get to know someone from behind the blog screen. I was excited to exchange with someone from Florida! The weather is very comparable to San Diego & I loved the fact that she was so creative!! My box arrived & I was so excited to open it.. I forgot to take a take a picture first. So put everything back & took this picture! lol

The inside was so pretty & sweetly wrapped! Each item was individually wrapped!! That was pretty cool. 

So... What is in this cute box??

Halloween cookie cutters!! OMG I love it! I looked & looked for a set to put in Mary's box.. Can't wait to use them!!

Green & Orange cupcake wrappers & some confetti sprinkles!! My Cookies & cupcakes are going to look amazing!

Chocolate hazelnut stir sticks! Yes please! Good fab with some coffee or just eating them out of the can.. so good! 

This is an awesome facial mask that helps rebuild the moisture back into your skin. 

Awesome grocery list pad & some nail files. I really needed both of these items.. see how well she got to know me?! 

Beautiful Avon nail polish! It's so pretty! It looks like a very shimmery brown.. very pretty! 

I'm not sure if we are allowed to have a favorite item.. but this is it! I love this coffee mug! I think it's adorable, uplifting & so sweet.  I couldn't wait to use it.. love this mug! 

I am a sucker for hand written letters! You could fill a box up with peanuts & a card .. it would be the best box EVER! Hand written notes are so sweet & so thoughtful.. and this one hit the nail on the head... Love it! 

Overall, I loved my box. I loved every item that was in it. What I liked best is that I made a new friend. I had a great time getting to know Mary & I had a blast putting together her box of goodies! Hands down this is one of the best swaps I've ever been a part of!

Fall in love with Mary yourself; go check out her cute blog & see what goodies she got from me! Thank again Britt for hosting an amazing Fall Swap!! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The X-Box & Friendships

Hello ladies..

I hope that you all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather all around us! The high today will be 84* and I'm struggling to not wear a sweater anyway.

My house is full of candles, fake pumpkins & pumpkin roll scentsy fall goodness. Along with the changing weather, falling leaves, big comfy sweaters, big cups of coffee, snuggling under  blankets & of course the festive decor.. comes the newest release of "Call of Duty". I was blessed taken off guard when my husband walked in with this years copy "Ghost". I almost cried; I thought my knees were going buckle under me and give out. You see my husband is very competitive and he gets really engrossed in the game. You have to wait to walk in front of him & once he starts playing .. well he will be there the remainder of the day. At 8:35 pm.. "babe this is my last game".. at 9:25 pm "babe this is my last match". You can see the pattern here. If you want to be wife of the year & grab your man the latest copy of  "Black Ops 'Ghost" then you're an amazing women. Me, I will be hiding in my tower for the next five months while my husband battles to become the best of the best of this new edition.

To add to my annoyance I am on several Military Spouse facebook groups. My goal was to make a couple new girly friends to have around here.The groups constantly complain about not having any 'events' to attend too.  I thought it would be good to put myself out there & make some new friends. Now it's no secret that I have a love for coffee & it seems that coffee dates are how to introduce yourself.  Since I don't have kids & since my husband is not currently deployed that puts me in the minority. With that aside I ventured forward and have created four events to host. Three were coffee dates and one is a lunch date. The moment the event is posted the complaints and excuses start rolling in. I've heard such a wide variety of both that it leaves me shaking my head in annoyance. Why push to have an event that you know you can't attend???  After finding a couple of women that I tend to gravitate too on facebook & realize that they weren't showing up for my events I contacted them directly and invited them out for coffee. I had three dates this week.. THREE and all of them were cancelled. The last cancellation was the most heart breaking of all because it was the girl I wanted to meet the most. Our dinner date has been cancelled & her words of comfort were "I'll see you Monday at the coffee date event". Joy! More coffee.. yay {enter sarcasm here}

I've said this a million times ~ I thought military spouses would be eager to meet other women who are going through the same things. I thought this would be a slam dunk on having a bonding community & have friendships for life. I once was told 'this is a lonely life' & I didn't believe her. I'm not a party girl, I don't like clubs, no kiddo's and again my husband is here. It's either the women who's men are deployed that attend {which means once the men get home they will be busy all the time} or the women who RSVP and then don't show. I'm at a loss on how to move forward. I've come to the conclusion that we either put our house on the market and migrate 45 minutes north with everyone else or I find contemptment with the one day stands. I miss my friends from back home. I wish there was a way to have Nicole, Jessica, Kendall & Cassidy next door to me because that would just complete my world.

To all the military spouses out there.. how do you connect with other women? How to do you make friends?? Is it through FRG meetings??

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Lovelies!

Getting to you all a little late today...
This past month I decided that I wanted to try & de-stress my life a little more, so I pulled the dried erase board out of the closet & made a monthly menu. I hate spending money at the grocery store to get two days before pay day to here "we don't have anything to eat!". That's because, in my house, people eat their favorites in the first three days of grocery shopping.
To minimize my trips to the local Albertsons & to help myself with the stress of combining foods together to make a meal.. I made a menu.

So far this has been a lifesaver! The stress of wondering what to cook, it's also let me do something quicker for when it's just the hubby & I three nights a week. I'm not great on organizing a grocery list yet, but this past shopping trip was way more organized. Normally I make a list of things we are out of & once at the Commissary I just pick up the usual things. The problem is I've noticed how we were just wasting certain foods like squash or strawberries. The hubby has certain staples of food that are mandatory like string cheese, pudding cups & yogurt cups. Then mine are strawberries, popcorn &  coffee creamer. I was also tired of putting a meal together & being out of certain items that I needed. 

Most, if not all, of the items on my menu are from my pinterest page & the majority of them are healthy items. 

With sharing in on my menu's I will share a little more about my grocery lists'.Instead of just throwing a bunch of items down I organize the items by the store groups.  {I don't have a picture of my list to share} For example when you first walk into a grocery store you enter the 'fruit' area, then the 'veggie' area. So I categorize all the items by the isles in order that I walk down. I use this order: Fruits, Veggies, Meats, cleaning/animals, cereals, boxed, canned, condiments, sandwich meats, frozen foods, dairy & breads. I have found that doing it this way makes it easier for me to get everything on my list & not being on the other side of the store to remember that I needed fresh broccoli. Oh it also makes my shopping trip go by faster! As long as the isles are changed around I can make it in & out in less then a hour; with everything I came for.

Organization isn't my strong suit. I get so distracted over the smallest things. I also have a hard time getting everyone to sit for dinner & I hate left overs! I think this menu idea has saved me so much time to enjoy other things.. like blogging! 

If you also write up menus' or have a easy way to create a grocery list... please share! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Introducing Sprinkles.

Good Morning Lovelies,

I wanted to share the newest addition to our family! A post was made on a military fb page & I couldn't help but adopt her. To add to the adorable markings her name is Sprinkles, which went perfectly with our current kitten Spice. Upon seeing this 5 month old cutie, I thought it would be good for Spice to have a companion. Considering she was already spayed and has her shots.. it was a win ~ win. We have had Sprinkles for a week now & everything has transitioned perfectly. We still have a couple of growl & hiss wars between the two cats > overall this was an amazing experience. My babies excepted Sprinkles with open paws and she fits into our family perfectly. *If you are in California & you are looking for a new addition to your family please consider Animal Rescuers without Borders. {} I love the fact that ARWOB doesn't use a shelter, they use foster homes for these animals while they are waiting for forever homes. Please consider adopting a pet.*

Here is the whole crew. Sprinkles loves my husband. She starts off at his feet, then inches up to his side & then wraps herself around his neck. It's adorable. Unlike Spice she is very lovely & cuddly. Spice just likes to do her own thing but Sprinkles loves the attention. The husband & I have agreed that we have hit our 'pet' limit... and 4 is the quota.