Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Swap

Fall Blog Swap I joined up with Britt from First Comes Love to join in on the hosted "Fall Swap". Who doesn't love a good "Fall Swap"? I think it's one of my favorite blogging events.. seriously. 

I got my Fall Swap partner: Mary from Simply Beautiful You
Mary was so sweet to send me a e-mail right away introducing herself! We exchanged e-mails for about a week or so talking about different things to add or not add to this awesome packages. I learned from Mary's e-mails that no only is she a new Mommy to a 8 month old.. but she is very crafty! I sought out to find the perfect projects for someone who likes to bake & do crafts. Hope I hit the mark with her box!!

I wasn't really looking for anything out of the swap other than meeting another blogger. I think it's so neat to get to know someone from behind the blog screen. I was excited to exchange with someone from Florida! The weather is very comparable to San Diego & I loved the fact that she was so creative!! My box arrived & I was so excited to open it.. I forgot to take a take a picture first. So put everything back & took this picture! lol

The inside was so pretty & sweetly wrapped! Each item was individually wrapped!! That was pretty cool. 

So... What is in this cute box??

Halloween cookie cutters!! OMG I love it! I looked & looked for a set to put in Mary's box.. Can't wait to use them!!

Green & Orange cupcake wrappers & some confetti sprinkles!! My Cookies & cupcakes are going to look amazing!

Chocolate hazelnut stir sticks! Yes please! Good fab with some coffee or just eating them out of the can.. so good! 

This is an awesome facial mask that helps rebuild the moisture back into your skin. 

Awesome grocery list pad & some nail files. I really needed both of these items.. see how well she got to know me?! 

Beautiful Avon nail polish! It's so pretty! It looks like a very shimmery brown.. very pretty! 

I'm not sure if we are allowed to have a favorite item.. but this is it! I love this coffee mug! I think it's adorable, uplifting & so sweet.  I couldn't wait to use it.. love this mug! 

I am a sucker for hand written letters! You could fill a box up with peanuts & a card .. it would be the best box EVER! Hand written notes are so sweet & so thoughtful.. and this one hit the nail on the head... Love it! 

Overall, I loved my box. I loved every item that was in it. What I liked best is that I made a new friend. I had a great time getting to know Mary & I had a blast putting together her box of goodies! Hands down this is one of the best swaps I've ever been a part of!

Fall in love with Mary yourself; go check out her cute blog & see what goodies she got from me! Thank again Britt for hosting an amazing Fall Swap!! 


  1. Wow! Looks like you got some great stuff! She did a great job! Glad you guys had so much fun with the swap. Don't forget to link-up over at or Thanks!

    1. She did an amazing job!! I linked up with first comes love... Thanks K.... <3, Amy

  2. Awesome loot dude! I love that mug...thanks so much for linking up! :)

    1. it's an amazing loot! I am in LOVE with the mug too!! Thanks for having me, I really enjoyed it! <3, Amy

  3. Nice!! Loved the Halloween cookie cutters!

  4. Thanks for participating in our swap. I am glad that you got a great partner and some great swap goodies. I love all of the baking stuff!

  5. wow!! awesome goodies!!

    cute blog you have :)