Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memories of Thanksgiving pasts..

Good Morning Lovelies;

I am not going to pretend that I participate in the month of "thankfulness" on Facebook, I think it's ridiculous. I believe we should be Thankful all year around & not 'try' to come up with 28 different things to post. I had to say it, it's personally annoying.

Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday. Why? because it's a time when friends & family get together with no hidden expectations. It's just a fathering that is enjoyed with food, football and possible Christmas tree decorating. I love that there isn't pressure to bring a gift. Growing up I would help my Dad prepare the feast; while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. I remember being in charge of deviled eggs, filling the celery sticks with pimento n cheese, and filling the pie's.

My Mom would iron out this beautiful white table cloth and matching napkins. We would eat of this beautiful white china that had little blue flowers all the way around. The Green bean casserole, Turkey and Stuffing would be put in matching China serving dishes and my Dad always got my Mom the most beautiful flower centerpieces. While the dinning room was being all dressed up, the kitchen table was being filled with delishes sides & sweets.

My family was rather large in number, so once my nieces and nephews arrived we would end up outside playing in the fallen leaves and on the swing set. The men would fall asleep with the "Dallas" football game on in the background, while the women set around the dinning room table talking. Before everyone left my Dad would bring in the Christmas tree from the back porch and plug in the already assembled Christmas lights. He always did this the day before Thanksgiving, he would sit on the back porch checking each strand of lights and then put them on the tree. Our family would gather around and add an ornament or two. My parents kept each and every ornament that we had ever made from school or otherwise & it was always nice to hear the stories of when it was made.

I haven't been back to Texas for a Thanksgiving since 2007, the year my Dad passed away. For me it's just not the same to not see him prepare the food. Although it's still my 2nd favorite holiday, now my heart longs to see him trimming one more turkey and tree. The tears I shed in his memory are filled with joy and thankfulness. It's not to say that I don't feel his presence every time I make deviled eggs and pies on Thanksgiving.

As the years have passed my life has held on to those traditions my family created. With our house full of Sailors and friends, who have become family I am thankful. Thankful for tradition, thankful for conversation and laughter and thankful to feel the honest love for each and everyone under my roof. My husband & I will create our own traditions in the years to come with our children, and I pray that one day my kids will remember this holiday just as I am now. I pray that they too are Thankful for all those little memories and moments that hold us together.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and B -- how lucky we are to have family traditions that give us memories to last a lifetime ::HUGS::

    1. Thank you JM & I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. <3 Amy