Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hello Lovelies!

Getting to you all a little late today...
This past month I decided that I wanted to try & de-stress my life a little more, so I pulled the dried erase board out of the closet & made a monthly menu. I hate spending money at the grocery store to get two days before pay day to here "we don't have anything to eat!". That's because, in my house, people eat their favorites in the first three days of grocery shopping.
To minimize my trips to the local Albertsons & to help myself with the stress of combining foods together to make a meal.. I made a menu.

So far this has been a lifesaver! The stress of wondering what to cook, it's also let me do something quicker for when it's just the hubby & I three nights a week. I'm not great on organizing a grocery list yet, but this past shopping trip was way more organized. Normally I make a list of things we are out of & once at the Commissary I just pick up the usual things. The problem is I've noticed how we were just wasting certain foods like squash or strawberries. The hubby has certain staples of food that are mandatory like string cheese, pudding cups & yogurt cups. Then mine are strawberries, popcorn &  coffee creamer. I was also tired of putting a meal together & being out of certain items that I needed. 

Most, if not all, of the items on my menu are from my pinterest page & the majority of them are healthy items. 

With sharing in on my menu's I will share a little more about my grocery lists'.Instead of just throwing a bunch of items down I organize the items by the store groups.  {I don't have a picture of my list to share} For example when you first walk into a grocery store you enter the 'fruit' area, then the 'veggie' area. So I categorize all the items by the isles in order that I walk down. I use this order: Fruits, Veggies, Meats, cleaning/animals, cereals, boxed, canned, condiments, sandwich meats, frozen foods, dairy & breads. I have found that doing it this way makes it easier for me to get everything on my list & not being on the other side of the store to remember that I needed fresh broccoli. Oh it also makes my shopping trip go by faster! As long as the isles are changed around I can make it in & out in less then a hour; with everything I came for.

Organization isn't my strong suit. I get so distracted over the smallest things. I also have a hard time getting everyone to sit for dinner & I hate left overs! I think this menu idea has saved me so much time to enjoy other things.. like blogging! 

If you also write up menus' or have a easy way to create a grocery list... please share! 


  1. I have learned the value of menu planning lately too. It saves time and money in our house. I organize my list the same way. You are right, it makes buying everything easier!

    1. It's such a stress relief!! And the list is a HUGE time saver! I'm so glad that someone else does these things too.. I hope it catches on with more people. Seriously I have saved so much time to enjoy with my family. Thanks! <3, Amy