Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mug Swap reveal

Good Morning Lovelies!

I couldn't be more excited then to share my Mug Reveal from Dreaming Of Dimples Mug Swap!! I think this is the cutest 'swap' idea I have run across through the blogging world & couldn't pass up the chance to be apart of this swap!!! So thank you Jessah for coming up with a very creative Swap theme. If you have been following me long then you know that I'm a true coffee addict & more so I'm a Starbucks groupie. I collect everything from mugs to Christmas ornaments from Starbucks. I was beyond excited to get an e-mail from my Mug Swap partner Melanie! Melanie & I exchanged the things we liked to help us find the perfect Mug for each other. I have to confess that my goal was to be able to send more then ONE mug for my sweet partner. With a Starbucks on every corner, I knew it wouldn't be hard to put together a sweet box for her.
*I must declare that Melanie is going through a rough patch so I went a little over board with her box of goodies.*

I got my box from Melanie today & I can't wait to share what I got!

The box reveal
The best coffee EVER!!
Yummy goodness in a jar!
The mug broke during shipping & I tried to glue it back together.
Isn't it just adorable??
I am a sucker for hand written notes!! So awesome!
Such an amazing box of goodies!!
Thank You Melanie!!!


  1. That is an awesome mug! So unique. What a shame it broke though. =[

    1. Miranda, I loved it! I glued it back together and put on a shelf. Even though I can't use it, I'm still gonna keep it. <3, Amy