Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My birthday present!!

Good Morning Lovelies.

Yesterday I talked about my wreck & today I am going share part II of this story.
So while my car was getting looked at for a full estimate of damages we went and looked at the Used Cars. I've been wanting a Ford Edge for some time, so I wanted to go and look at them in person. We found the rows of Edges, Explorers & Escapes and started looking. A salesman came up and started talking to us & helping us find the SUV I was wanting. I wanted something big enough that Gideon {the Great Dane} could comfortably sit in the back. When we have kids I don't want the dog & the child sharing the same seating space for safety. After ruling out the Edge because of it's too slanted back end ~ we started comparing the Explorer to the Escape.
Now would be a good time to stop & explain the hubby's and I's deal. My husband was SO SURE that I would end up falling in love with an Escape that he said "if you find one that you love I get to drive it home & I get it drive it the first day". Deal! I instantly started falling for the Explorer but once inside I wasn't so sure. I mean they have all these gadgets and stuff but really I didn't like the layouts or I didn't like that Gideon would be sitting on the extra row of seats just to have room. Yes a 7 pasenger vehicle would be nice, but it's a tad overkill for our life at this point. Feeling defeated I started looking around & the other brand name vehicles. GMC, JEEP, Toyota, .. etc. We walked by this silver SUV and I stopped... like almost tripping both the men because I stopped so abruptly. One glance at the grill & the sleek body style and I was in love!
I have always wanted a 'black' vehicle but have never bought one. Here I was determined to find a SUV in black .. but I stood drooling over a Silver 2013 Ford Escape Eco Boost.

Something about this beauty just spoke to me. I loved how sleek it looked & how curvy she appeared. I walked around the whole vehicle taking it in.

The back was big enough for Gideon to fit in comfortably. More then enough head room & turning around space too! We kept walking around the vehicle & then I finally asked to see the inside. Once we were sitting behind the wheel of the SUV, I knew that this was my vehicle.

Not only did this SUV have leather seats, heated seat option, a Sunroof, but it has the SYNC capabilities too! The blue tooth from my phone SYNC's with the car & plays my music and offers hands free talking. It was loaded. More loaded then we needed & I thought I wanted. I was in love.
We went back to the body shop for some final walk through information & set up a date to bring my car... the salesman gave me his card and we walked away. My husband & I's conversation went a little something like this; "You really want that SUV huh?" "Yes! I really do" "Well maybe we will come back and look this weekend. I'm not sure we could afford a car payment right now". "We could always call the bank and check right?" "Maybe next week if the SUV is still there". Sulking next to him I silently agreed to disagree. Once home I immediately went to the Drew Ford website to look up the SUV. While looking up the SUV & talking on my cell to the insurance co, my hubby was on the phone with the bank. At 4:15 he asked for a change of clothes and announced we were going to go back and do the week trial they offered. {We get the car for a whole week to test drive, at the end of the week we either sign paperwork & give the vehicle back}. I was excited. I KNEW that I was coming home with the SUV.

I started texting my bestie the good news .. right then. When at the dealership we took a test drive. After the test drive everything changed.. before I knew it we were purchasing the SUV. Not the week test drive but actually purchasing the SUV. Two hours later I was handed three sets of keys to my new SUV & my hubby grinning "Happy Birthday Babe.. but we had a deal". With my lower lip stuck out like a three year old I handed the keys to my husband for him to drive it home. He also drove it to work the next day too. A deal is a deal right?

Long story short. The Toyota is getting fixed and will become my husbands vehicle. The truck will remain with us for moving & other purposes and the SUV will become my vehicle! What an amazing day.. I couldn't have made this up if I wanted to. I've wanted an SUV since high school and here I stood with the one I picked out in my driveway. I am spoiled beyond belief, I know. I am extremely happy about the SUV & Lucky to have a husband who is so willing to spoil me rotten.

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