Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful Thanksgiving

Gooble Gooble Lovelies,

* My amazing husband for all the love and support his gives me on a daily basis.
* My awesome & HUGE family who is always there when I need them.
* the awesome support system who stands by me all the time. Their love & support has made my life so special and huge.
* for my bestie, who's always got my back & makes me laugh. The awesome Skype conversations, the incredible support, the availability to be there when I need to cry, scream, laugh or just be humbled.
*for my best friend Jeff, who is always around when I need him the most. I love and cherish how we have become more like family then friends. I am so excited that they will be back in SD this coming year & how I will get to see them almost, if not, everyday.
*for my house. Every time I look around I am reminded on how lucky we are to have such an amazing place to call home.
*Starbucks: I love that they are on almost every corner & that I can always swoop in for some in caffeine indulgence. I'm thankful that they helped me grow my strong love for coffee that has always comforted me, been apart of such special moments, and helped create strong friendships.
*Men & Women who serve: I'm so thankful for their selflessness, eagerness and dedication to keep us safe and up hold our constitutional right. I'm thankful that because of them we have the opportunity to choose the lives we want to live. Our freedom because of their sacrifice's away from family, friends, comforts and of the ones who have given their lives.
*my animals: that no matter how I am feeling they are always there to share kisses, snuggles and hugs. The days when my world seems so off, they are there to bless with me with a smile.
*Traditions: I'm thankful that my parents had so many traditions that made each and every holiday so special and memorable. I hope that I can create some amazing traditions for my own kids.
*My Dad: Although he is no longer with us ~ I am forever thankful for all the amazing things he taught me. Like; forgivness, respect, thoughtfulness of others and respect. He also passed on his love of cooking and baking; which gives me so much peace and pride.

I'm sure there are so many things that I left off that I am thankful for. I'm reminded on a daily basis of things that dismiss that have great importance to me. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday!


  1. Replies
    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Nicole! I hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day!! <3 Amy

  2. Love it, as usual : ) Happy Thanksgiving to you, B, and all of your family/friends! ::HUGS::

    1. Thank you JM! Happy Thanksgiving to you too & I hope it was wonderful! <3, Amy