Thursday, November 7, 2013

The X-Box & Friendships

Hello ladies..

I hope that you all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather all around us! The high today will be 84* and I'm struggling to not wear a sweater anyway.

My house is full of candles, fake pumpkins & pumpkin roll scentsy fall goodness. Along with the changing weather, falling leaves, big comfy sweaters, big cups of coffee, snuggling under  blankets & of course the festive decor.. comes the newest release of "Call of Duty". I was blessed taken off guard when my husband walked in with this years copy "Ghost". I almost cried; I thought my knees were going buckle under me and give out. You see my husband is very competitive and he gets really engrossed in the game. You have to wait to walk in front of him & once he starts playing .. well he will be there the remainder of the day. At 8:35 pm.. "babe this is my last game".. at 9:25 pm "babe this is my last match". You can see the pattern here. If you want to be wife of the year & grab your man the latest copy of  "Black Ops 'Ghost" then you're an amazing women. Me, I will be hiding in my tower for the next five months while my husband battles to become the best of the best of this new edition.

To add to my annoyance I am on several Military Spouse facebook groups. My goal was to make a couple new girly friends to have around here.The groups constantly complain about not having any 'events' to attend too.  I thought it would be good to put myself out there & make some new friends. Now it's no secret that I have a love for coffee & it seems that coffee dates are how to introduce yourself.  Since I don't have kids & since my husband is not currently deployed that puts me in the minority. With that aside I ventured forward and have created four events to host. Three were coffee dates and one is a lunch date. The moment the event is posted the complaints and excuses start rolling in. I've heard such a wide variety of both that it leaves me shaking my head in annoyance. Why push to have an event that you know you can't attend???  After finding a couple of women that I tend to gravitate too on facebook & realize that they weren't showing up for my events I contacted them directly and invited them out for coffee. I had three dates this week.. THREE and all of them were cancelled. The last cancellation was the most heart breaking of all because it was the girl I wanted to meet the most. Our dinner date has been cancelled & her words of comfort were "I'll see you Monday at the coffee date event". Joy! More coffee.. yay {enter sarcasm here}

I've said this a million times ~ I thought military spouses would be eager to meet other women who are going through the same things. I thought this would be a slam dunk on having a bonding community & have friendships for life. I once was told 'this is a lonely life' & I didn't believe her. I'm not a party girl, I don't like clubs, no kiddo's and again my husband is here. It's either the women who's men are deployed that attend {which means once the men get home they will be busy all the time} or the women who RSVP and then don't show. I'm at a loss on how to move forward. I've come to the conclusion that we either put our house on the market and migrate 45 minutes north with everyone else or I find contemptment with the one day stands. I miss my friends from back home. I wish there was a way to have Nicole, Jessica, Kendall & Cassidy next door to me because that would just complete my world.

To all the military spouses out there.. how do you connect with other women? How to do you make friends?? Is it through FRG meetings??


  1. I doubt I'm your target group to get an answer from, since I "live in both worlds" when it comes to military spouses. But if I've learned anything, it's that you can't give up too early or you'll miss the opportunities to meet amazing people.
    Chin up, love. It gets better eventually. And if you ever find yourself in the general DC area, give me a shout...we'll do lunch!

    1. Thank you Caitlin. I'm not giving up I just need to refocus. It keeps so hard to keep doing these events with so many people who aren't appreciative. Hopefully I can make it to DC one of these days. <3, Amy

  2. Have you tried There are groups for everything! Is there a reason you are targeting military spouses? You are welcome to hang out with us, because our life is full of taxiing around and baseball!

    1. Yes. I tried the & that was a huge waste of time. The same thing kept happening.. they would make dates & then cancel them or nobody would show! after getting stood up 2x I left all the groups & started focusing on the facebook groups. Hopefully I connect with someone soon because after the new year I'm not doing this anymore. We should go do drinks again sometime... that was fun. <3, Amy