Monday, November 11, 2013

Two years.

Good Morning Lovelies,
Thank you to all the men & women who fight to keep our freedom. May we take a moment of silence to pay or respects to all our fallen hero's. 

Two years ago today we moved into our first home.

So many changes have taken place since that beautiful day. The paint colors, the furniture, the animals and the renters have all changed in one way or another. It's sad to say that we are already talking about moving into a different home.. but oh how I love this house. 

To go back again I would have stuck with my original beach cottage theme & chosen a different blue to put in the living/kitchen area.

I would have fought for the mirror over the kitchen sink, that still isn't there.

I would have painted the chalk board on the wall that I wanted too.

I would have changed out that stupid kitchen faucet that still makes my life chaos.

I can go on with the list of things I could or would have changed with this house.. but that wouldn't be the point. The fact is I love my kitchen. I love my living room. I love my bedroom. I love my backyard. I love that the hubby & picked this house out together. I also love that this was the first house I have ever bought.

With all the things like paint & decor that I'd love to change about this house ~ the one thing remains. It feels like home. It makes me smile when I let the dogs outside because they have a backyard. Other then the front yard, I love showing my house off to people. Among all the clutter and homeyness that has been created, I wouldn't change it for the world. 
When the time comes that we do move on to another house.. I will cry. I will shed tears of remembering how we picked out this house. How it took one walk through to make us get excited. I'll remember the day we painted the kitchen together. I'll remember the day we bought our entertainment system & those surround sound speakers. I'll remember that day we fought over the paint color in the hallway & how after all the pictures were up it looked awesome. I'll remember so many firsts that we have been able to share with both friends, family & ourselves. Our first Thanksgiving, Our first Christmas, Our first anniversary, Our first Halloween...

Although we will be creating new first's in a new home one day .. this is will always be a very special place to me. This house will hold so many beautiful memories for years to come. I'm so thankful that we get to have the opportunity to be home owners & be so proud of the walls that surround us. 
Here is too at least two more years in this amazingly comfortable place we call home. 


  1. Love this! Your home sounds wonderful! I can't WAIT until we buy our first home. It will be so nice knowing that many memories will be made there, instead of wondering where we will live from year to year!

    1. It's so nice. I don't miss our condo at all! lol. Thanks. It's a forever "project" being a homeowner. Then again it's so nice to have a 'place' when everything else seems so wishy washy.... hope you get that house soon!!! <3, Amy