Wednesday, December 11, 2013

14 days left

Good Morning Lovelies;

I have nothing really new to report the past couple of days. My husband managed to break his finger while playing basketball & they are doing surgery this coming Friday. Yes, surgery for a broken finger... crazy. My husband doesn't half ass anything.

So Christmas is around the corner and while my house may be decorated and I have a pile of addressed Christmas cards waiting to be mailed.. that's all I've accomplished. We used the Corolla money & our black Friday stash to purchase all the things we wanted. We are good. Now I have yet to send of my letter to Santa on behalf of Grizzly & Gideon. The cats agreed on a 'Closet' makeover for them to enjoy while Grizzly has requested a car booster seat & well Gideon hasn't made up his mind yet. The leather seats are freaking Grizzly out; since he now slips and slides all around the SUV. After leaving the vet today (for his Rabies vaccination) I laid the back seats down so he could walk on the cloth and not roll around. This dog seriously looks like he is on a giant leather slip in slide & it freaks us both out. (Both= Grizzly & I).
So while on the way home Grizzly & I stopped to get the boys a 'pupacino' he told me that's what he wanted.  Smart boy!

Oh a pupacino is a small cup filled with whip cream.. they are free and some Starbuck's require to see your pup before handing the cups over to you. My dogs love them, but it's only a "i got shots" treat ~ after all we are all on diets at this house.

The Hubby & I decided on what we are doing Christmas day. I thought about hosting another 'I'm lonely Chirstmas' but it's just so much work for me. With us only having a couple of weeks before our bff's arrive from Hawaii, I wanted to keep it very low key. So we are going to lay around in our PJ's and watch movies all day. I mean the whole blankets, pillows and snacks kinda day. The kind where you get unlimited amount of popcorn and all the special movie treats. We've made our list. I'm going to purchase a Ham & make a Christmas dinner for the both of us.. but as soon as we wake up we are heading to the couch for a day of snuggles. I'm excited. I think it's important to relish the small things while we have a chance. Next year's Christmas will be his last year of shore duty and before I know it he'll be on a deployment. Plus a day of snuggles and cuddles is needed to just relax with our little furry family.

Beside's the hubby's finger surgery we also scored 'free' tickets to the Nutcracker ballet ~ courtesy of the Operation Homefront of San Diego. I'll make sure to post pics on the 20th. We've been working hard at the gym and I am making my grocery list to accommodate my juicer. I'm telling ya it's the best way to really utilize all your fresh fruits and veggies! I'm excited that we wont be wasting any food in the near future. I've been talking with our friends a lot & organizing menus. All that aside I've been taking advantage of the 2pm naps a lot.

I love reading all the 'wish' lists out there.. so if you want leave me a link to your post! Trying to start making my rounds again through all the 500 blogs that I follow. ;)

Have an amazing day!


  1. I hope your Hubby heals well. I had no idea "Pupuccino" existed. That is so awesome and my dogs would love that!

    1. It's the most adorable things ever!! I have to ask them to not fill the whole cup.. neither one needs that much cream and sugar. You can't really put in the frig and save it either. You should take your pups on their next car ride.. it's a awesome experience! (You might have to tell them at the window what you want if you are ordering at the drive thru.. not all places call it a 'pupuccino".
      Hopefully he heals quickly but we aren't hearing positive things about the future mobility of his ring finger. More on that later. Thanks for stopping by! <3, Amy