Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Recap

Dear Lovelies;

While I am so excited to start a new year.. it's kinda bittersweet to be nearing the end of another year. As I compile my list of resolutions for the upcoming year I wanted to stop and take a recap of 2013. Before I start that list.. it has come to my attention that they years are just flying by. As I start to realize that before we blink it will be March, it makes me a little sad. I miss being a child when the days seems to drag on .. oh how fast life just slips away from us.

On Jan 18th we got engaged!
 On Feb 21st I got married!!

In April I painted the bathroom a 'jade' color & master bedroom.. the master went to a Dark Navy Blue 

May 1st I picked up my new glasses!! 

I made a HUGE choice and changed my blog name from Trials & Triumphs of Loving my Sailor and bought the domain name to I went to Arkansas to spend time with my family while my nephew got a heart transplant. Came home to CA to be surprised with a visit from my bestfriend/brother.. J from Hawaii!!! What a great surprise that was & I need the awesome visit!!!

In July my biological brother came and spent the majority of that month with us. I got my old blog put into a book from and I changed my hair color to the drastic two toned black and blonde. Fourth of July is also my favorite holiday. 

August - I had surgery removing my cyst which I named "Eddie". Our roomies went on deployment and we had a couple move in with in for three months.

In September we went to Arizona to celebrate J's nieces birthday's! That was an amazing time!
After our trip we jumped in our first round of fertility treatments; which started off with a HSG test.

October - was very uneventful as far as the past year. On Halloween our family grew by one & we brought "Sprinkles" into our lives! 

Nov. was just full of changes and twists. I lost my Corolla due to a car accident/ got a new vehicle. Our roommates moved out, I made my very first Turkey and I got my first tattoo!! There was a lot of things going on all month with everything that happened all so fast!

Dec: We have had so much fun this past month! Aside from the husband shattering his knuckle and having to have metal pins in his finger. We crashed a Christmas party, went to see the Nutcracker, and have had a very personal & quiet Christmas together. Oh & I created my favorite post about the power of makeup.

Coming up in 2014 our best friends are moving back to SD from Hawaii and we restart our fertility treatments! In Feb my bio brother is coming to visit and there is talk about me getting my 2nd tattoo...  I hope you all join me in the amazing adventures to come in 2014!!!!!!

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