Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas blues

Dear Lovelies,

I have been sitting here for two hours staring at a blank screen. Trying to come up with cheerful and witty words. Truth is I'm homesick.

Don't get me wrong I L.O.V.E Christmas! I love the decorated tree's, the Christmas lights on the houses, the Salvation Army bells ringing in front of the stores, seeing cars with wreaths and antlers on them, I love the Christmas music, I love the baking, the smells..  but I miss the snow, the cold weather and most importantly my family.

Talking to my Mom today, while she was shopping for last minute items, it hit me. Like a brick. I wish more than anything we had gone home for the Christmas holiday. I knew it was just a matter of time before the song 'I'll be home for Christmas' brought a tear to my eye.

This past weekend the hubby & I spent the evenings wrapped up in blankets watching Christmas movies.. how I love ABC and Lifetime around this time of year. All those sappy and predictable holiday movies.. I love them. I must confess that all day Saturday I stayed in my pj's without a lick of makeup on... yes I did. Sunday I baked two batches of the best chocolate chip cookies and packaged them up for delivery for tomorrow.

On Tuesday I'll make another 3-4 batches of those amazing chocolate chip cookies and bag them for delivery also. You see we are going to take those cookies to the 3 gates... military gates. Someone has to be at those gates all the time because Sailors live on those bases too. Instead of tearing through wrapping paper we are going to bundle up and head to them. I think it will be a nice way to start our Christmas.. since Christmas is about giving. {Please feel free to copy my idea!} I also noticed at the gym on Friday that our base gym will also be open Christmas day. I'm also including a whopping batch of cookies for those guys too.

Overall the holiday is almost over and I am saddened by that fact. Again, I love Christmas.

What are your plans for Christmas day??

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