Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Corolla Update.

Good Morning Lovelies!

These past two weeks have been crazy!! From my car wreck on the 18th; to the purchase of a new car; my birthday and of course Thanksgiving. On Friday the 22nd the insurance co called to inform us that the damages to the Corolla outweighed it's value. The encouraged us to take a check for what the car was worth; instead of fixing all the problems. I was beyond heart broken.. beyond. I cried so much that day. You see my Corolla is the last thing I ever got from my Dad before he passed away; it also helped me leave my ex-husband and has been with me for seven full years. We agreed to total out the car because of the damage to the re-bar, the axel and the fender.. over a $5,000 complete fix! We signed over papers along with the title and the tears started falling. It was if I lost my Dad all over again and I had to walk away and leave my baby in the parking lot. It just so happend that we signed the paperwork for the Escape exactly 7 years to the day.. irony. 

The insurance company cut us a check for the car that day.. so we left the body shop with a check in hand. I made a deal with my husband and he took a picture of the check so that he could deposit it... that he each got some spending money and the majority went towards our credit card. This is what we did with the spending money: 

My husband bought an X-Box One.

He loves it and that is all that matters. As much as he does for me; he can have his game system. He did, however, trade in the 360 and all his games .. handing me the cash from that sale. 

I wasn't as simple with my purchases. I wanted something meaningful and something that I would have for a while.. so I got:
My very first tattoo. I wanted the Shamrock; that represents my Dad; to be bigger then Texas ~ which is home. Texas is the biggest state in the US and I wanted to show that my love for my Dad was bigger then Texas. I think it's awesome!! 

Then I got:
A custom pair of Nike's. Don't judge. It's only $155 and I thought the shoes would be awesome for the gym and running. 

I also bought a pair of Oakley's {from the NEX}. 
Not only were they pink but the proceeds went towards the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation for $160 (including a $15 two year warranty)
 That was all I bought.. I saved the rest for Black Friday. I think I made some good choices in what I did use it for. I think that my Dad would have approved each purchase I made & he would have also been happy that we paid off a credit card too. It's all just materialistic and it can't bring my car or my Dad back but that's ok. I'll have each of these items for a long time & I'm super proud of my Tattoo. 

RIP 'Scottie"

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