Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Santa post

Good morning lovelies;

I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I swear they go by so fast.. but over the course of the week I will try my best to catch up on the fun stuff that happened here. I wanted to start off my week by joining the ban wagon with a "Dear Santa" post.. so here we go.

Dear Santa:

          This year I have nothing to ask for. *gasp!* You see although I believe I've been a very good girl this past year; I've already gotten my gifts. Due to my car wreck in November I received a beautiful new SUV. With the money from the insurance company after they totaled my beloved Corolla I got all my goodies. You see I couldn't wait on you to climb down our non existent chimney so I went ahead and treated myself to some materialistic goodies.
Aside from all the stuff I already bought; I was lucky enough to have my husband with me for another Christmas. I know that in two years I will be dealing with a deployment; so I'm really sure that I'll be asking for him in 2015.
My best friend will be here in San Diego in 22 days, after leaving for Hawaii the Christmas of 2011. I'm more than excited that him & his family will be living with us until the find housing.
After my brother & his family moved to WA last Christmas ~ that being the best gift I didn't know I needed. I'm happy knowing he will be here for a short visit in Feb.

Of all the wonderful things that life has handed me this past year; it left me little to nothing to ask from you. Although I would like to request that you spend some extra time aboard the USS Boxer and give all our friends a wonderful Christmas. Please let me them know that we are so sad they are away & can't wait for their return in 2014. I hope your elves fill their stockings with an abundance of care packages for each & every solider.

I know that my fur babies have requested certain items that will fill the base of our tree. Gideon however, misses his buddy who is on the USS Boxer & didn't request anything we could provide. SO maybe you could help us out with our  inability to get him something. Grizzly is going to love his new carseat & the cats are going to love the scratching post/tower that we got them. They are also going to really enjoy all the new modifications for the closet that we have created for them. I'm just a little heavy hearted for my big guy.

Well Santa.. it looks as though my list for this year is really short. Of all the materlistic things i could ask for.. I just simply want my friends who are deployed to know they are missed & Loved. For my dog with a heavy heart to have a couple of days of joy, and to just enjoy the time I have with my Sailor. I think of all the years .. this is one of the best Christmas' ever! Hopefully next year we will get to fill our home with all of our 'military' family & enjoy this next year.

Have a safe trip around the world big guy! I hope that you are able to fulfill as many childlike wishes as you can. Just to let you know that you can glid over our house this year & hopefully give the gifts you planned for us to someone who needs them more.

Until next year;  

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