Thursday, December 12, 2013


Good Morning Lovelies.

If you have followed me for any time at all then you are aware that I have been working my butt off to drop some weight. The majority of my blog posts are about working out, recipes and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you follow me on pinterest ~ then you've seen the same thing. I can't express how ecstatic I was to purchase my first pair of capri workout pants through Victoria Secret. Did I mention that they are a size MEDIUM! WAHOO! So, naturally, I couldn't wait to show off my VS Capri's and matching sports bra (that nobody but the hubby saw) at the gym!

Naturally I worked out - got stuck in traffic - had to grab the dog and run to make it to his vet appointment. I didn't have a chance to change. Then after the 10 min vet appointment, a quick detour through Starbucks' drive thru ~ we were back home. Then I had to run to the ATM, get a cashiers check, stamps for the Christmas cards and stopped at Big Lots to grab some more Christmas cards. Waiting on a confirmation text from the hubby before taking out the cash I needed I waited inside my car. I have been enjoying the 90's station through Syrius radio and looked over to see a women sneering at me. So I turned the music down; it's not unusual for me to be jamming out with the music a little too loud. I noticed that she was still giving me the stink eye. Her friend came out of the neighbor store and got in her vehicle. They both started talking and looked over at me.. both with a nasty look. After a quick glance in the rear view mirror to confirm that I didn't have dog slobber, a booger or Coffee on me; I turned back to their dirty glances. I rolled down my window and asked "Is there something wrong?" and the girl replied "yea, YOU are the reason people make jokes about women in yoga pants! YOU are the reason it's become so comical. YOU shouldn't wear those pants in public; you are way too fat!" I was so shocked that my brain couldn't think fast enough for a comeback ~ I then said "Umm did you buy them?" and she says "No I didn't but whoever did should be getting a refund because you shouldn't be wearing them. Lose some weight fat ass!" At that they both started laughing and drove away..

The moral is that people shouldn't be so mean. I could have gone home and committed suicide over such a horrible rant. Thankfully I'm strong enough to not allow those comments to really sink it.. yea it pissed me off and hurt my feelings. At the end of the day I know that I focus all my energy in staying in shape and working out. I know that I get up at 5am every morning just to go to the gym. I know that I research and ask about different workouts and techniques to add to my routines. I also know that I encourage the same lifestyle to other people.. so she can have her opinion.

How deflated was I. Without finishing any of the things on my list I drove home. I even refused to stop by the 7-11 on the way home. After getting home I ran to take a shower.. getting out of those clothes. I love those pants. I think they look good on me. BUT I'll let you be the judge. Below is a picture of my capri pants and my matching sports bra.. Are they too tight? Am I too fat for these pants? Should I buy a bigger size and save these for later?


  1. How MEAN, RUDE, SELFISH, CRUEL, and a ton of other not-nice descriptive words those two were!!!

    Amy, you are a beloved wife, a great friend, and no one should EVER say anything even close to what those two bratty individuals did to you!!

    Yes, everyone is different - accents, how we dress, what we do with our hair, how we spend our money, our beliefs, etc, etc -- YOU are an individual that God has chosen to be part of many peoples lives and even with this horrible situation you had to deal with, do you know how strong you are?

    The confidence and strength you have in yourself -- I have months at a time where I would love to have your strength. I can only guess at how difficult it will be to put their juvenile, hurtful words behind you, but stick with the people, animals, and cloths that make you believe in yourself!

    YOU ARE WORTH IT. You should absolutely wear the matching set you already own and (like all bad/hurtful/stressful/frustrating situations) -- try to keep pushing through it until you have moved past it. Do not waste your time second-guessing yourself and your life because a few people truly should be on Santa's NAUGHTY list.

    Sorry, long rant. Yet you deserve support and they deserve something entirely different. Hang in there and let me know how I can help ::HUGS::

    1. Thank you Rose for sweet words. I thought it was very cruel. As my husband had said " you could have gone home and slit your wrists or committed suicide over this whole ordeal." I think that it's horrible that we allow people to bully us .. but again I didn't let her words get me down.. if anything it motivated me even more! I hope I run into her again because she really needs a dose of humility. Then again Karma is a beast....

      <3, Amy

  2. What the hell is wrong with people? I hate that those girls said those awful things to you. Girls being the operative word. No woman or lady would tear down someone like that. I hope you don't let the haters tear you down.