Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Good Morning Lovelies.

I have nothing the agenda for the rest of the week so I'm trying to make some posts.
My tattoo is healing and it hurts.. a lot.
I got my juicer today and I'm super excited. We already juiced a apple and it was really good! Now I've got to go through some recipes before I make a trip to the grocery store. A good friend of mine, who is also a nurse, told me that there is a 'secret' fertility juice out there. She said that there are four but the 'green' one is the one to stick with.. so I have been searching high and low for this recipe. I came across this "Goddess" fertility blend one that I'm going to try, it calls for:
2 stalks celery
1/2 - 1 apple
2 inch of ginger
handful parsley
1/2 lemon, squeezed.
I'm not sure that this will be the 'magic' trick that gets me knocked up but the hubby & I are gonna try it anyway. I also found this pinterest link that I'd like to share.. it has some great stuff on it.

In other news. The count down from my dear friend and his family has begun! In a short 32 days they will make the move from Hawaii to San Diego.. and I couldn't be more excited! So if you follow me on facebook ~ you'll be seeing this countdown quite a bit. Since they will be arriving during my next fertility treatment I'm sure I'll be a hormonal, emotional mess.

In wordly news:
I have a ton of thoughts and feelings about Paul Walker. I mean it's an ironically tragic accident. As sad as it is; I am praying that the news will stop airing the videos soon. I'm also hoping that social media will stop sharing all the video's and pictures too. It's sad, it's tragic and believe me my heart hurts.. but for the families. I can only imagine what Walker's and Rodas' kids are going through right now.. not to mention the other family members. I can't imagine that the constant news/social media feed on this accident is helping. For this to have happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas.. what a life changing event for those kids. Oh sure some might say they will get money but money can't replace a Father/Dad.. it just can't.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to share with you guys some awesome juice recipes. Hope everyone has a great evening and remember that life is very short.. so tell the people that you love that you love them.


  1. Go easy on the ginger. My first juicing mistake was adding too much ginger and I about gagged. 2 inches is WAY too much even with all the other goodies. It'll be too spicy and you'll either hate it or want to puke. I'd juice 1/2 an inch and give that a shot before you go the full inch or more.

    1. Ok. I was thinking that was too much ginger. Sounds good though! I'l have to skype with you before this weekend to get a good detox recipe. <3 Amy

  2. I've always wanted a juicer but haven't got around to getting one get. Hope that fertility juice works it's magic for you!
    Best Wishes,
    Miranda Pridgeon
    Hurry Up and Wait

    1. There is a great one at Wal-Mart for about $60 and on black friday I could have saved a whopping $20 on it.. but the one I bought was orginally $300 and I got it for $110! Super great deal. You should get one.. really!
      Thank you.. hope it works too.. or hopefully just help me shed that fertility medicine weight.
      <3, Amy

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