Friday, December 20, 2013

The Nutcraker

hello Lovelies!

Last night the hubby and another couple went to see the Nutcracker! Operation Homefront in San Diego was able to provide a "Military Nutcracker night" at the ballet. You registered with Operation Homefront, waited for the tickets to be released and got your free tickets. {Well you pay s/h}.

So we asked our dear friends Mike & Valarie to join us for the event.

As a little girl I loved watching the Nutcracker! It used to come on PBS, when I was a kid, every Christmas. I have the CD's of the music and it's still my favorite holiday treat.. so when my husband told me about the tickets & that he would go > well I was excited!!! 

Our seats were down by the Orchestra and we were so close! I can't explain the amount of excitement we both had going to our first ballet; but it was awesome. We had a couple of drinks in the lobby, bought a $10 souivener and then the show began! There was the giant chandelier that was breathtaking in the entrance; It was beautiful! Our pictures don't do it justice.. 

Curtain is about to go up but before I leave what is your favorite ballet?


  1. Looks like a wonderful evening! Speaking of wonderful things, I received your card the other day and posted today about it ( Thank you so very very much! Was exactly what I needed! : ) Lots of love to you and Ben -- oh, and I think my favorite ballet IS the Nutcracker, unfortunately I have not seen it in at least nine years! Time goes by so fast!

    1. I'm so glad that our Christmas card got to you & I'm so glad that it made you smile!! Your tree is beautiful and I'm so glad that I sent you something... even if it was just a card.. to let you know that you are a very special friend to me. Cant' wait to see what 2014 has in store for all of us!!!
      Have a Merry Christmas J...