Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Power of Makeup

Hello Lovelies;

Today I want to share something that I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. I thought it would be cool to take pictures of how we change with the application of makeup. I started with a freshly cleaned & moisturized face to end up with a complete makeup transition.
I remember being younger and wanting to wear makeup like the older girls. I remember looking at magazines and wondering what red lipstick would look like on me. I think as we grow up we can all agree that makeup becomes a staple in our lives. At first, like most things, we are excited to start our new habit but overtime we lose our luster. We forget why we were so anxious and excited about it in the first place. Although I will never be happy paying a bill; I do enjoy having my store credit cards. I have neices that are entering that ago of exploring with different hair colors & different shades of lipsticks. Nothing to serious yet. As an adult I don't leave the house without eyeliner or mascara.. because I know the transformation of the finished look. To be honest I've also been very curious to learn how to contour with different shades.

With that being said I have to say that to me ~ this is pretty powerful. It's amazing to see why women are so obsessed with makeup. It's also very enlightening to possibly see what young girl see in women who do wear makeup. The simple twist of a eye lash wand;a glide of lip gloss; a light pink dust of eye shadow and the vibrant role of eyeliner. It's all the rage to look thin, younger.. whatever and makeup has a huge role in how we re-invent ourselves.

I am sharing pictures of myself that I put into a slide show format. I hope you all see the amazing tranformation that I see when I watch this slide show... please enjoy.

slide 1: no makeup.. just washed my face & added moisturizer
slide 2: applied foundation
slide 3: applied blush to checks and nose
slide 4: applied lipstick and eyeliner
slide 5: applied eye shadow, eyebrow liner and brushed brows
slide 6: applied mascara and used eyelash curler
slide 7: finished look.

Again I think it's an amazing transformation... but please feel free to share your thoughts or add your own slide!!

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