Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey & Savings

Good Morning Lovelies!
Happy December!!!!
Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings!! I can't wait to start reading all the awesome posts that you share!!

Our Thanksgiving was awesome. I fixed my very first Turkey & I'm very proud of myself (if I do say so). I followed this amazing brine recipe, here, after stressing & searching for how to cook this bird. I must say that I even requested help from my Facebook friends & family. Hands down it was amazing!!

I followed the recipe to the letter.. I allowed the bird to sit in the brine for a full 24 hours in a Turkey oven bag. I cooked the bird Thanksgiving morning and added 4 cups of apple cider and 6 cups of water into the pan (after the hubby dumped the brine out). We then basted the Turkey every 45 min for 4 hours; at the last 45 min we added halved green apples to the cavity of the Turkey. We also used the left over juice to make the stuffing! It was awesome!

We also had: stuffing, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, rolls, green bean casserole, cornbread casserole, stuffed/wrapped jalapenos, and pumpkin pies. I also made homemade Sangria's while the guys had a couple of drinks. We ended up having 8 people total to our Thanksgiving feast. It was a very lovely & great day!

That night we participated in our first Black Friday! Ben managed to find & buy an X-box one during his 2:30 am trip to GameStop. I'm a internet shopper; so all my deals were online. Wal-Mart had a new Garth Brooks box set that I managed to grab; which was my most exciting buy for me because it was unexpected and unplanned. Friday I fired up my laptop and shopped. I bought a TON of stuff at Victoria Secret {not reveling how much I spent} and used all three savings codes.. then passed them on to the bestie so she could get hooked up too. I bought the hubby a lot of clothes from Old Navy {8 shirts, 2 pull overs and 2 pairs of jeans} and managed to grab four sets of pajama pants all for $110 . Then I went to Amazon bought the Holiday barbie ornament & Holiday Barbie doll; and an Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer. Later Saturday I ended up going to Kohls to buy some jeans.. I ended up with two pair, 4 tanks, two long sleeve shirts and a wrap around shirt thing for $124! We also found a $40 five drawer dresser at a small shop near our house. Today I stopped by Auto Zone and picked up some shams, dry clothes, air fresheners, wipes, and car soap for $16!

I'm so proud of all the bargain shopping that I got done! Needless to say that is our Christmas!
What are some amazing deals that you got this Black Friday??


  1. I wanted to do her brine but I ended up doing Alton Brown's brine instead which was so yummy! Next time I do a turkey I'm doing hers though! Looks good!

    1. I looked at his but I wanted something with apple. After finding hers, and noticing that I had a majority of the items here at the house.. it was a winner. Hands down it was good & made the house smell SO good while the brine was boiling.. yumm! <3, Amy