Friday, December 6, 2013

What is good for the goose..

Good Morning Lovelies;

"What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander".
With that being said let me also add that the diet I've made my husband go on over a year ago; is turning him into a women.. really.
The Dr's office called me today to let me know that they received my husbands sperm analysis & his blood test results. From August 27th to Oct 15th his swimmers dropped a whopping 13 million. Adding to my shock and frustration they nurse also added that all three of his blood test results show 'low testosterone'. We have a appointment with a urologist on the 11th of December; man I'm nervous!
Naturally I grabbed the lap top and started googling. I am one of those nuts who likes to be prepared and look up natural cures. Doctors love to shove pills down peoples throats and while that may be cool.. his swimmers job is to make me a baby. With that in mind I start looking up everything I could ~ like what are symptoms of low T.

*sex drive = check
*sperm production = check
*muscle mass/ strength
*fat distribution = check
*bone density = check
*red blood cell production
*Increased body fat = check
*swelling/tenderness of the breast tissue = check
*increased fatigue = check

ok you get the point.. I mean that's huge! So I started reading on ways to naturally reverse the low T. And I was shocked on what I was reading "high protein & low carbs actually cause T levels to drop". My instant thought was "oh my god I was turning my husband into a women!" No seriously. With PCOS they tell you to go on  high protein and low carb diet to reverse the symptoms and while it has worked for me... I feel horrible. The good news is I found a lot of helpful ways to help my husband get his levels back.. without meds.

breakfast.. which we normally skip b/c we run to the gym. But it says that he should be eating 3 whole eggs and 3 slices of bacon a day with ONE cup of coffee. Who knew?! It went on to say that coffee before working out actually helps boost T levels.
At the gym he needs to focus on weight lifting.
Eat more monosaturated & omega 3 foods like avacodo's.
Sleeping is a huge factor.. no more/less then 6-8 hours of sleep
Eat seeds b/c they are high in vitamin E and zinc
Get 15-20 min of sun daily

Seriously this sounds so freakin' simple! I also looked for a juice recipe to boost this process and was amazed to keep reading that pomegranates and pom juice is wonderful for male fertility! Good thing we have a pomegranate tree in our backyard.. now to get a tree picker. Oh yea the magic juice consists of 2 pomegranates worth of seeds; 12 kale leaves and 1 apple for sweetness. Umm can we say 'babe you are now drinking this 15 times a day?" kidding. This makes me feel so much better knowing that I can help reverse this and help us get back on the baby making train.

After we meet with urology we will then have a consult with our RE before restarting our fertility treatments this month! Wow, where has the time gone? I swear I was just bitching that I had to wait three months & here we are already. Tomorrow I start my 2 day juice detox and Monday I'm kicking the cigarettes to the curb (for reals this time).  Good thing I can still be a wino for a couple more weeks.

Hope everyone got a little giggle out of this post.. it's all true but I try to through funny stuff in too. Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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