Wednesday, January 8, 2014

16 and...

YDear Lovelies,

Today I wanted to talk about our youth.

I thought when I was 16 that life was so unfair. I couldn't wait to be an adult so i could do what I wanted when I wanted. Then you grow up and you realize that you will always rely on someone to help guide you through your life. You will take direction for various people from family, co-workers, bosses or your spouses job.

A couple of weeks ago this 16 yr girl that I know announced that she got engaged! ENGAGED! They waited to announce the engagement to the rest of the family after she told her Mom. Her Mom backed up their relationship agreement. I was furious.

How could you allow your daughter to be engaged at 16?! There are several reasons on why I think this is so absurd.

First is this is her first love and it fails (which is very well might) then she is going to be jaded and scared for life.
Second she isn't being a kid! She isn't enjoying her teen years.. which we all know she will regret the moment she turns 22.
Third she doesn't even know herself.. has no idea what she wants out of life. Her now plans could change next month and then what? I got married at 23 and because I didn't know what I was capable of ~ it obviously ended.
Fourth. How can you plan to get married the moment you turn 18 and not have a bigger plan? How are you going too afford a house, finish school.. go to school. The next thing you know she'd be pregnant and they would be on welfare...

I can't even imagine how a parent of a failed marriage out of high school herself agree to this! I get that if you disagree it can push them away or force them to do things behind your back.. but this is nuts!

They have made it really clear that they don't want anyone's opinion on this matter. The more and more I think about all of this I get madder.

Do you agree with the engagement? Do you agree the Mom should allow this girl to get engaged so young? What are your thoughts about this? Is 16 too young to get engaged?

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