Tuesday, January 21, 2014

follistim treatments.

Dear Lovelies,
Jan 21, 2014
I talked a little on Friday about the new treatments and I'd like to share a little more about them. 

Normally I start off my treatments with a medicine called 'Clomid' which I have grown to hate. It takes almost a week before you can even get in for a ultrasound and by then you are so miserable that you don't want to even try it again {if the current round doesn't work}. It makes you moody, gives you hot flashes.. did I mention that it makes you moody? After your ultrasound shows that the medicine worked or not you take various other shots before moving on to the final step of the treatment. Then you wait. The dreaded two week wait that you nervously and anxiously think about. Then comes the moment that you pee on a stick and every prayer that you have ever prayed can't hold up to the one you are saying for two straight moments. 

This round I was excited to hear that I would be starting a new medicine called Follistim. I give myself a shot everyday AFTER I have blood drawn and the Dr's office calls to give me my level reading. Ok well I don't have to have blood drawn everyday but it's been 4 out of 7 so far. They are checking for my ovulation levels to reach above 200 before starting my trigger shot then moving to an IUI. So far I've not had a 'normal' Clomid side effect; which is one of the biggest blessings! I've gotten some lower back pain and headaches.. but nothing a nap hasn't cured. My levels got to 200; they lowered my dosage by a click and my levels dropped. So now we are back to the original dosage and my levels are slowly climbing back up. 

I'm very, very comfortable with this round. I was so excited to be on a different medicine and one that has such great success ratings. My RE said that the only draw back with this medicine, that scares people, is that when it works ~ you get multiples. I'm ok with that. Our RE has made sure that the both of us understand that it is a 90% chance that we will end up pregnant with twins and he is 95% positive that this round will work for us. Again, I'm deliriously excited that we started a different medicine!

Anybody else take follistim? Any personal stories you'd like to share with me? I'd love to hear them!! 

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