Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Loving my household.

Dear Lovelies.

Last Friday I wrote about how our house is adjusting to the new family that is living with us. It's not just any family. These are our best friends & the couple that started the co-household movement here. It started with a friend who was living on the boat and J decided to invite him over for the weekend & it turned into a co-living arrangement. Later my husband would join their household and live with them for two full years. Which started our co-household movement once we bought our house. It wasn't even a question of them living with us once we heard they were coming back to San Diego!

The past couple of roomies we have had have ended with me doing everything for everyone. It's been me cleaning, cooking, shopping ~ etc and it was very overwhelming. Once it was decided that they would join our household I started to fear that the pressure would land on my shoulders ~ again. Man I couldn't have been more wrong! It has been a HUGE blessing to have someone here with me to share the workload and someone who thinks along the same lines as I do! She has taken over making dinner {enter happy dance here} and we have managed to share the chores {another happy dance!}. Our personalities are a great balance and the same with the men! With my fertility treatments starting back I've been exhausted.. I mean a nap a day is required exhausted.. so it's SO amazing to have someone who is gladly picking up my slack!! {and not throwing it in my face}

Both kids have started back to school. It gives us about 3 full hours to get the house in order before we start pick ups. It has been amazing. This chica couldn't be more awesome and more of what I have needed. It's nice to have someone who understands my treatments and my concern, it's nice that someone respects my clean standards and it's so nice to have someone share the overall workload with me.

To be honest I have felt so bad that I basically just dumped all these things in her lap! I felt horrible the first time I caught her mopping my kitchen floors > and to my amazement she said "you should be resting & besides I really don't mind because I would have done it in my house too". Oh man! My last roomie wouldn't even empty the dishwasher or rinse a pan she cooked in!! This has been a HUGE! This chica doesnt' stop there.. oh no! She has accompanied me to almost every Dr's appointment and has even got the guys on a evening schedule that is brilliant!

I have no idea how this will all play out long term because they are starting to look for their own house. I am simply enjoying the help, companionship and friendship that has come out of this amazing merge. Since the kids have started school ~ I'll be able to start getting out of the house too.. which hopefully create some awesome posts for you guys!!


  1. Wow! I haven't heard of this co-household type thing. It sounds like it could really be helpful. My husband wouldn't have it, though, haha.

    1. A co-household is something new to us in a way. We bought a house and have rented out the spare rooms to single sailors for over a year now. In Nov we rented out two rooms to a family that was transitioning out of the Navy to the civilian world. We just welcomed our bestfriends, who got orders here, to stay with us until they can purchase a house. (Close to a year)
      It has it's ups and downs for sure. Some times it more of a headache then it's worth but then you get people who really make you life so much better & you see how you help theirs. Our friend started this a couple of a years ago because he would see how the transition of a lonely single sailor put into a family enviorment boosted them in their career and moral. We are the third family to adopt this and keep it going.
      I must say that after our best friends leave we more or less wont open our home again. Thanks for visiting Janna ~ I hope that wasn't to long of a reply to you. lol.
      <3, Amy