Monday, January 6, 2014


Hello Lovelies,

Today I am visiting a friend out in Temecula, CA. The last time I attempted this get together I ended up with a new vehicle, so hopefully this trip goes smoother and I actually get to go. Frankly, I need this day of relaxation and some girl time before our guests start arriving.

A while back I wrote a post about where the hubby & I would settle down at after his Navy career is over here. He has ten long years left and we will more less be spending them all in California. Before this past year I was ok with that thought, I was ecstatic of the possibility of living so close to paradise. This past Christmas I was hit hard with the Christmas Blues. I was positively homesick and this California weather didn't help at all. It's been in the 70's majority of Nov, Dec and now into Jan and all the posts about snow and colder weather is making me very disgruntle.

A couple of weekends ago the hubby & I decided that if we moved into another house here in CA that it would be our forever home. I started looking up places here in Temecula that would become our forever home, and then it struck me like a lighting bolt ~ I want snow. I want colder weather, I want the change of seasons ~ but I don't want to humidity and hot summer like Texas has to offer. Where did that leave us? I know I want to stay close to Arizona because our best friends will retire there and I know I want to be closer to Texas & Arkansas to be closer to family.

Here are some things we took into account.
Annual avg snow fall, avg summer heat index, and cost of housing.
We googled New Mexico and found that the summers were just way to hot and humid. We'd also have to go almost to Colorado to get the weather we wanted. Colorado was out due to the cost of living; it's expensive. Kansas was out just due to tornado's.

Long story short our options have been narrowed down by Oklahoma & by Nebraska. I don't really want to live in OK again their summers get pretty hot & humid. After looking around we think we have settled on the thought of buying a home in Nebraska. The housing prices are do-able and the weather is pretty awesome. We also narrowed it down to staying around Lincoln, Nebraska. 

19 Hours from Lincoln to Phoenix, AZ/ 13 Hours to Houston, TX/ 9 hours from Little Rock, ARK. 
According to July has the hottest month is 78* and Jan with the lowest of 21*. We get a average of 6.1 inches of snowfall in Jan too. I'm sold!! 

I know this seems like a long time away but you have to understand that I am planner. I need to know where my next step is before I can commit to something. I'm not a take a chance kinda girl on moving or things like this. Plus thinking about the fact that we will have kids by then ~ I want to make sure that I am moving my family somewhere we could live out our lives. It could all change but for right now we have our retirement State and place set in Nebraska!

Where do you plan to retire after you spouse gets out of the military? Do you live in Nebraska? Any information you would like to share about Nebraska would be great! Pictures would be nice too.
Have a great Monday!! 

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