Friday, January 3, 2014

the calm

Good Morning Lovelies; 
January 3rd, 2014

In a matter of days now I will be joined by my best friend and his family here in San Diego from Hawaii. If you don't think I'm bouncing around like a supermarket bouncy ball then you are mistaken. My excitement is so intense that I can't sit still.. and I have a TON of things that still need to be cleaned. The only thing left that I need to conjure is a Welcome Home sign for the front of the house. 

While our weekend is full of things I need to get done before Tuesday night I have been enjoying our simple family. It's so nice to just have the house to the hubby & I. I've been busting my booty to clean the house and prep it for the family of four + two big dogs. The hubby has been enjoying his xbox-one and helping out after I throw small tantrums. I have enjoyed the freedom of walking around in tank tops & short shorts not worrying about someone in my home other then my hubby. We have also enjoyed sleeping in our birthday suits a couple of nights; because it wont happen anytime soon after Tuesday. 

The first three days of next week are going to be cray-cray! My husband starts his college classes on Monday. That also happens to be the same time I pick up there two dogs from the airport. I start fertility treatments on Tuesday ~ wahoo! Then around 8 pm I go to the airport to pick up my best friend & his family. Wednesday is all about everyone getting settled in. Thursday I'm going to run away. That's my plan so far ... lol

 Nothing at this point so exciting to blog about other then the things that are yet to come. I'm excited about this coming year. I'm excited to restart our treatments this month, I'm excited that J & his family will be here in San Diego again, Proud that my hubby is going to college to get his degree, and even more excited that our deployment friends will be home this year.  I can't think of a better way to start this year off then celebrating all the wonderful things that are happening early in the year. 

Hope everyone is having a great year so far & I can't wait to catch up on all the resolution posts!! 
Have a great weekend!!!