Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the life

Dear Lovelies;

Today my dear friends travel from Hawaii to San Diego. I've never moved through the Navy before. My husband has done his whole ten year career in San Diego minus deployments. When I first met my dear friends they moved away with orders. As I watch & hear all the things that this couple ~ and other that are suddenly moving away due to orders ~ I thank God that I'm not moving.

Since I've never moved through the Navy I am learning all sorts of new things. I've learned that moving your dog that weighs over 99 lbs cost a fortune! (here are the military rules for shipping your pets in case you want to know). They had to move their dogs a day earlier then themselves, so thank goodness they already have family here in San Diego! I also learned that all of their belongings moved two weeks before them & wont arrive until they are here for two weeks. A whole month without their belongings and they have two kids! That's cray cray!

The husband & I have talked about him taking orders oversea's. The more and more I learn about moving and all the rules ~ the more I beg him to skip them. I know that if he went overseas that it would help his career ~ but according to the rules we would only be able to move two pets. That means that I would have to find homes for my cats. Plus if we have to pay for the Great Dane's plane ticket.. well that may be a huge issue. I mean could you imagine a Great Dane in Japan for two years.. OMG!

I have also witnessed through pictures how hard it is for them to move away. Yea they are excited to come back but Hawaii has been home for two years! All the going away parties.. and hearing about how they will miss this person.. it's really sad. I get it.. it's what we are aware of when we agree to marry our solider. I just think that military life is so simple and easy breezy and it's not. It seems easy if you are married to the love of your life.. but I can't imagine the stress that my friends are going through right now.

To all of those military families who have moved.. my hat is off to you.

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