Monday, February 24, 2014

Anniversary weekend

Last week I posted about our Anniversary & I mentioned that we would celebrate in style - post here. Today I'd like to share how we celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

Thursday night we went out to Olive Garden with our best friend who was our our 'best man' & his family! Our reception dinner was held at Olive Garden; so it was nice to be back a year later celebrating. We ordered a bottle of wine & got to keep the empty bottle as a token! That was really cool.

Later the hubby & I cut into the top of our wedding cake that we had saved. It was delicious! We shared another bottle of wine before stumbling off to bed for the night.
The hubby & I had decided that since our special day fell during a weekday we would celebrate on Saturday. We woke up to a huge breakfast and left the house around noon. I wanted to do something that we hadn't done before so I suggested we go to "Ceramics Cafe" and create something. It was a blast! We each picked an item and spent two hours laughing, talking and painting!
Our creations had to be glazed and fired before they were completed so we pick them up this week, but I got a couple of snap shots before we left. Hope they turn out as amazing as we think they will. This will be something we will have to do again!!

After leaving Ceramics Cafe we went to go see a movie. I wanted to see the Lego movie but we missed the start by ten minutes.. so we played 'movie roulette' and ended up watching "RoboCop". It was ok ~ the hubby thought it was great. We were going to go out to eat to end the night but we filled up on popcorn and weren't hungry. The thought of finding a DD and hitting up a local bar was an idea ~ but was dismissed after our bf realized he would be the DD. We settled for game night with our friends instead.

Our weekend was filled with memories and fun times. We didn't go on vacation, rent a hotel or really get away but we made lasting memories. I'm so thankful that I got to share this amazing weekend and milestone with my two closest friends. I'm also thankful that we got to create something that will be reminder of our first anniversary. I'm thankful that our cake lasted a year and was still as amazing as it was on our wedding day. I'm not sure that any one thing could have made this weekend better.

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