Thursday, February 13, 2014


Dear Lovelies;

To follow up with my weeks worth of love posts ~ I wanted to talk about our plans for this years Valentines Day.

This is our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. Last year my hubby surprised me with a single red rose. This year I am expecting the same. You see we have agreed that we aren't going to 'celebrate' the holiday because our wedding anniversary is on Feb 20th. I would rather save all the flowers and chocolates for six days later.

The couple that is living with us (our best friends) have family coming into town on Friday. We will be showered by his parents, siblings and their kids. Our original idea was to allow them to go out to dinner while we watched their kids. Now that doesn't seem like that is going to be an option from us; but the grandparents might be willing to.

I love getting flowers. I love getting cards. I love being in the 'mushy' moments but I'm not a fan of singling it out to one day. In other words I'm not a huge fan of V-Day. I'm excited to celebrate another 'first' and even more excited to know our One Year Anniversary is just around the corner.

Can't wait to read how you ladies celebrated Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

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