Tuesday, February 25, 2014

hair disaster

Last year I made a huge hair decision. I couldn't decide on being blonde or brunette so I did both!

The hubby recently asked me to change it up and just go with one color. He even went through pinterest to help me find the color to change this too. As my appointment approached I became very nervous about changing it up ... changing color is always a scary thing! 
The picture I brought to my stylist was this:

I didn't think it would be that hard to bring it all to a brownish/ash color. I also thought it would be closer to my natural hair color ~ allowing me to go to the salon a little less. As she washed out the color I heard her start to apologize. She had used an 'ash' and it made my hair look green. She asked me to wait a week and then to come in for another dye session for free. I thought it looked good when we left the salon..

It was a little lighter and red toned then I wanted.. but I liked it. After a couple of washes it started to look green. So last Friday I went back to get it all straight. We had agreed to go a dark brunette to match the underneath (that we hadn't touched) and over the course of the next couple of weeks that color too will fade. I was furious with the end result.

It's black and I absolutely hate it!! I can't wash my hair enough in hopes that this color fades quickly! I've not had such dark hair since 2007 and I hated it then! The hubby is pleading that I find a new stylist and to go get this corrected in March because it looks bad. My pale complexion makes it look even worse! Although I hate to leave my girl.. I have to agree with the hubby. I didn't think covering up blonde was so hard, I've done it before & have never had to go to such a dark color.
I dunno maybe we are all wrong and it was the right thing to do but when the guys at 7-11 tell you it looks bad.. It looks bad. sigh Again hopefully it fades quickly!!  

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